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Going beyond surveys – Bringing humanity to call centers

You need maximum agent performance. We’ll help you to avoid the mistakes most make with real-time post-call IVR surveys in contact centers by enabling unique agent ownership in performance that other programs neglect to include. And you’ll avoid those inhumane IT projects with an active program in less than 2 weeks!

“This is the Best Relationship.”

“Our customer service area has multiple vendor relationships and CRM is by far the best. It’s really the relationship that they’ve built with us and it goes beyond the ordinary and expected. Our company emphasizes a total care management philosophy – right down to our contact center. CRM has both the expertise and the personality we are looking for to be an effective partner. They do more than anticipate our needs, they help anticipate our family’s and patient’s needs.”
– Chris Lah, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

“They helped me win J.D. Power awards three-years in a row.”

“The Survey Calibration process gives me the confidence to make decisions and take action.”
– Dee Kohler, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

Move Onward and Upward Faster

We do all the heavy lifting. With us, making your post-call IVR survey program a success is as simple as…

Remove the worry and risk in post-call surveys!

We see it too. And it’s frustrating. We see a lot of people stumble and fall and damage their reputations with their decisions with contact center survey programs. The best of intentions are not generating the desired outcomes. Misleading information and commonly shared bad practices have led our industry to all time lows in customer satisfaction. It’s embarrassing.

We do not want you to have the same fate. We can help you to avoid those common pitfalls with an easy to understand framework that you can share with your entire decision making team. No more finger pointing and refusal to believe the results. No more punishing agents to buy-in. No more administration nightmares and IT resource constraints. It’s time for you to be set free of worry, wondering, and risk.

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contact center voice of the customer is the best thing

Relationships: We love developing them, with you and for you.

We are dedicated to relationships. When you hire us, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 20 years serving others, you have a risk-free decision with Customer Relationship Metrics. We guarantee it!

Easy to understand pricing that allows you to control your post-call IVR survey investment!

Setup – Surveys – Services

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  2. Collect as many surveys as you want and pay for what you use
  3. Get everything done for you (including Survey Calibration) and use our tools and experts

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