11 Steps to Social Media Success in Contact Centers

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11 Steps to Social Media Success in Contact Centers

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This white paper is a tool to be used to equip leaders to experience social media success in contact centers by providing the insights necessary to use the contact center to effectively combat the effects of social media terrorism.

In this white paper gives you access to statistics, case studies, and findings from those that have learned how to better understand and manage social media impacts to the contact center.

Reduce Social Media Threats to your Contact Center

This white paper is a practical guide that focuses on solutions that you can begin to implement today.

Social Media has blurred the lines between sales, customer service, customer retention and other traditional work silos within the corporate enterprise.  This is forcing contact centers to rapidly change their traditional roles within organizations or risk being crushed by a flood of mis-information and negative brand sentiment.  Not taking action is increasing costs to operate a contact center.  It’s increasing repeat call traffic and causing contact center agents to spend extra time (talk time) interacting with customers that have been influenced or mis-informed with social media.

This no-charge ebook can be a powerful tool for re-branding and leveraging a company’s existing contact center capabilities as part of an organization’s proactive approach to minimizing social media risk,  to drive customer loyalty, and to improve the customer experience and ultimately drive business ROI.  This white paper also provides a foundation for understanding and addressing the ways customers use social media today.

Statistics, case studies and more

In this white paper get:

  • Identification of social media trends and key statistics.
  • Identification of customer expectations related to their social media activities.
  • Instructions on how to leverage existing contact center resources to protect your brand from social media terrorism and drive a positive ROI from social media activities.

In addition to this ebook on Social Media in the Contact Center you can find several other titles in our Resource Library.


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