25 Common CX Voice of the Customer Mistakes to Avoid

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25 Common CX Voice of the Customer Mistakes to Avoid

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25 Common CX Voice of the Customer Mistakes to Avoid with Self-assessment

Can you easily identify CX Voice of the Customer mistakes in your program? In this free ebook, you learn about common mistakes with your voice of the customer program and what you need to do differently.

Get an insiders look into the important factors that contribute to your contact center and company not being able to experience the full potential of leveraging customer insights to sell more, to reduce costs, and to create more loyal customers.

You will be able to better understand and plan by completing the customer experience voice of the customer self-assessment contained in the ebook. The assessment is an easy and effective way for you and your team to identify the areas necessary to realize increased performance and not playing the guessing game.

customers-grade-the-callsMost companies are sitting on a gold mine of voice of the customer intelligence, yet very few actually are able to harness its power. While the reasons for not harnessing this intelligence are irrational, they are very predictable and common. The assessment outlines the elements in a very simple Yes/No format that takes only five minutes to complete. Completing the assessment expands your ability to better plan your strategy for change.

There is a massive business and personal opportunity for the people and companies that can harness customer insights for competitive advantage. Your ability to do it will be the biggest differentiator for professional (and personal) success.

Skilled Voice of the Customer professionals are in high demand. Please join in by being a valuable contributor to improving the profession. Lead by improving your knowledge and skill with this voice of the customer ebook. The assessment is a great item to have in your toolkit.

This ebook reveals several informational and insight building elements. In this ebook you will learn about:

  • The biggest challenges in voice of the customer programs today
  • What customer experience voice of the customer is and the various root causes of failure
  • A list of business demands that help you to give your voice of the customer strategy more emphasis and urgency
  • An assessment that will help you to better identify the symptoms of voice of the customer failure
  • A tool to help you get the most out of your voice of the customer program

We have all heard it and you have probably said it yourself– “knowledge is power”. Those that have more knowledge have more power. Get more power, get your copy.

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