29 Contact Center Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid

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29 Contact Center Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid

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customers-grade-the-calls29 Contact Center Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid: Self-assessment, Case Study and eBook reveals: The 29 common mistakes with contact center quality assurance programs that you can avoid.This simple guide (with pretty pictures too) includes insights and a self-assessment that you can leverage to deliver the great customer experiences you desire. This tool helps to finally put to rest many of things you feel are missing with your quality assurance program.

In this self-assessment and ebook you will discover…

  • Rescue from Bad Practices: Find the awareness to stop and avoid the quality practices that undermine your attempts to deliver great customer experiences.
  • Confirmation and Peace of Mind: For many impacted by quality assurance in contact centers, they know certain things just aren’t right…get confirmation to take your stance.
  • Get Headed in the Right Direction: Finally, you can see what you need to do to eliminate the practices that are undermining your effort to get agents engaged in quality.

In addition to this ebook on Social Media in the Contact Center you can find several other titles in our Resource Library.


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