How to get agent scorecards with coachable data from surveys

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How to get agent scorecards with coachable data from surveys

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“Are you missing agent scorecards with coachable data in your post-call IVR survey program?” is one of the questions that were posed in the 25 Mistakes to Avoid with Post-call IVR Surveys eBook and self-assessment. The eBook and self-assessment includes diagnostic questions to uncover many of the problems we have come across since inventing post-call IVR surveying in contact centers almost 20 years ago.

Why is this a problem?

Agent-VoC-Scorecards-150Do you think feedback and coaching are a vital part of the performance of your contact center? All high performing contact centers do. They know, in order for an agent to be successful, it’s necessary to know how well they are performing on a regular basis and also how to improve. These high performing centers focus on obtaining coaching insights that are targeted on areas in which they are performing well and identifying any areas that need improvement. Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, if your survey program doesn’t generate a scorecard that has coachable insights from the customers, the task of providing customer-focused improvements to each agent becomes impossible.

So, if you aren’t producing agent scorecards with coachable data from your survey program, where are you getting the customer information to use during coaching and for performance reports? Please don’t say “internal” quality monitoring. There is nowhere else to get access to customer feedback in the form of evaluations and comments. This type of information can only be gotten from the customer conducting External Quality Monitoring of the calls. Do not be left to rely on the random sprinkling of customers who write letters about their experience. Customer letters (and now emails) are somewhat rare and certainly not representative of the calls taken by your center. Letters come infrequently and are often vague as to which agent they are speaking about.

It’s time for you to start thinking about External Quality Monitoring as being complementary to your Internal Quality Monitoring activities. Think about an agent that has been heard on occasion being a little ‘gruff’ with a customer on the phone. You have addressed the employee based on these observations; however, the feedback is received as a personal attack or as something that is not true. When you have the customer’s insight on the interaction as well, the scores and the comments support the coach’s belief that the agent needs to address the behavior.

Effective report cards from the callers save many man-hours that would have been spent reviewing countless calls (in futility) to try to prove that your observations were not one-offs. Imagine what can be done with the saved time for the quality team and extrapolate the saving across the many agents that are usually affected each month. With your current situation, do you spend the additional time needed to deal with the issue(s) or do you let it slide and assume it will take care of itself eventually?

The Solution

CTA-frost-and-sullivan-application-of-the-yearThere is a very simple solution to this issue – utilize a post-call IVR survey program that provides agent scorecards with coachable data for each agent in your contact center. Having this real-time evaluation readily available to you will mitigate the amount of time needed to compile details for monthly feedback sessions with the agents. Providing feedback based on both internal and external quality monitoring will provide a much clearer picture of an agent’s overall performance. How much simpler would annual performance reviews be if you had half of the information provided to you each month with nothing more than a click of a button? Unless of course you are one of those people who enjoy ‘spinning your wheels’ month after month.

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