Includes a 25 Question Assessment on Common Post-call IVR Survey Mistakes

Avoiding the mistakes made with post-call IVR surveying is not easy. There are so many people that have opinions based on feeling instead of the facts. When your best practices are coming from the companies selling you software…beware.

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Here is your chance to learn about post-call IVR surveying in contact centers from the company that invented it. Founded at Purdue University in 1993, Customer Relationship Metrics was the first to implement a post-call IVR survey program in a contact center to capture and analyze the customer experience.

Evidence also suggests this program provided the first hosted-solution in the contact center industry.

free contact center voice of the customer assessmentSo what does this mean for you? In this free ebook and assessment, you will get the opportunity to learn from almost 20 years of IVR post-call surveying experience. You will learn from the mistakes of others so you will not have to repeat them yourself. You can be more successful with these insights and avoid the risks of post-call IVR survey failure.

You will learn why Survey Calibration was invented and what it means for executive and employee buy-in.

You will get an academics look into the factors that contribute to successful contact center performance improvements that are assisted with customer-directed insights and customer experience analytics. You will learn how to leverage customer feedback to increase sales, decrease operating costs, and improve your social media sentiment.

You will be better prepared to improve and implement a post-call IVR survey program by completing the post-call IVR surveying mistakes self-assessment contained in the ebook. The assessment is simple and easy to complete and provides you with an effective way to identify the areas necessary to avoid and what to include in your post-call IVR surveying program.

The assessment has been created in a very simple Yes/No format that takes less than ten minutes to complete. Completing the assessment expands your ability to implement contact center surveying best practices.

This ebook debunks several commonly held beliefs about post-call IVR surveying in contact centers. In this ebook you get answers to the following questions (and more):

  • How long should a post-call IVR survey be?
  • How do you create and improve executive and contact center agent buy-in?
  • What are the key must-have items that are most often overlooked with post-call IVR survey programs?
  • What do I need to know about post-call IVR surveying that only the most experienced experts have learned?

This ebook is the most comprehensive self-assessment of the rapidly growing post-call IVR surveying market…get your complimentary copy now.

In addition to this ebook, get more contact center best practices in our open-access Customer Experience Resource Library.

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