BI Insights drive tangible changes with innovative partnership

/, Customer Experience/BI Insights drive tangible changes with innovative partnership

BI Insights drive tangible changes with innovative partnership

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Smart companies know customer experience is a competitive differentiator.  Smarter companies know that making changes based on customer experience insights is what delivers the competitive differentiation.  Despite knowing what the smarter companies are doing, many are handcuffed.

Companies are handcuffed because they are unable to add work to an already overburdened workforce.  They are also handcuffed because many of the things that needs to be done require special skill sets that do are not internally available.  Most organizations just do not have the time or resources to uncover insights and act on them because they are too overwhelmed with their day-to-day demands.

This constraint is why Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C. recently completed a partnership with Strategic Contact.   The partnership represents business transformation capabilities for companies to improve customer experience performance and help fix the problems that are damaging their brands.

These two companies represent over 35 years combined experience in creating powerful results whether clients desire an enhanced customer experience, cost reduction, or increased revenue.  The principles of these companies, Dr. Jodie Monger and Lori Bocklund, are well-known for bringing customer experience thought-leadership to the contact center industry, and this partnership will open up the opportunity for even better innovative solutions that will quickly deliver unparalleled results.

Please continue reading the full press release and contact us with further questions.

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