Skyrocketing contact center investments not fueled by costs

Proving that your quality program contributes a positive ROI often times feels like searching for the Holy Grail with your contact center investments.

On the surface, the question “can you prove that your quality program produces a positive ROI?” sounds simple. If not simple, at least do-able. But, the answer to this question is anything but simple, and for many it’s not even do-able.

Very few contact center leaders go through any type of ROI calculation with their contact center investments. Ironically, this is exactly what you need to do for your contact center investments to propel your performance. Continue reading

Yes, You accidentally cause agent burnout

Hi, my name is Susan. I’ve worked in the Customer Service Department for my company for just short of 20 years now and I absolutely love most everything about it. I’m one of the top ranked agents in the department and, according to the masses, I work for one of the best managers in the whole company. But lately I think I’ve experienced agent burnout because I have begun to think about doing something different.

Normally I keep to myself and just go with the flow when it comes to what management wants me to do from day to day. However, as I get older I feel I need to address the elephant in the room – aka our QA program. I’m sure the process was created with good intentions; however, it seems to have outlived its usefulness, and my tolerance. Please let me share with you my perception and let me know what you think. Continue reading

Delivering that Chick-fil-A Contact Center Experience

As a customer experience consultant, I look at every consumer experience as a learning experience. Last week, I conducted a “quality review” at Chick fil-A® to better interpret the contact center experience.

I purposefully arrived during the lunch time rush and joined the line to order just outside the door. It was just like being in queue for a contact center agent. But I never mind waiting at Chick fil-A® because I get to watch, instead of hearing IVR messaging. It’s so interesting to watch the team behind the counter when they have a queue.

Continue reading

Top 4 Reasons Quality Fails

You created your quality process in order to help improve the overall quality within your contact center, but is it easy to find the reasons quality fails? How you uncover the unintentional reasons quality fails is what will set you apart from your competition.

When a client implemented a new quality assurance process they expected to see high customer satisfaction with the agents and the brand, empathy for the customers from the agents, good agent morale and validation of service level. What they actually found came as a complete surprise to them. Continue reading

Quality investments are like Granite Countertops

Have you ever built a new home? They say building a home is one of the most stressful activities you can ever undertake in life. I agree. It was one of the most stressful endeavors I ever had!

There is a seemingly infinite number of decisions to be made. It’s not at all like taking the romantic notion of “let’s build the house of our dreams” to completion. Adhering to the construction budget, while actually sticking to the main point of the project, is difficult to do.

Your idea of quality in building a home may be more like $295/sq. foot when you can actually afford $225/sq. foot. But you have to understand the value of your investment to be wise. Continue reading

3 Quality Benchmarking Lessons from Facebook

Social media outlets like Facebook provide a continuous update on how fabulous everyone’s life is. At any moment of the day there’s a new post about something fabulous. But beware of trying to compare the happy summaries you see to your own life. It’s crazy to get sucked into that comparison game and it can lead to self-imposed depression. Don’t use Facebook to quality benchmark life.

Creating Quality Benchmarking in contact centers is much like using Facebook to quality benchmark life. The data points are not an accurate picture of reality. Why would you use benchmarking information to determine whether your center quality is world-class or not? Continue reading

Gaining control of your contact center surveys

The idea of Performance evaluation can strike fear in the most confident of individuals. So can contact center surveys. Do you remember what it feels like on the morning of an important test? A final exam? Or a presentation for that huge project? I remember very clearly the moments before my dissertation defense, thinking how those three people held my future in their hands. Am I prepared? Will the assessment be fair? What if it’s not fair – oh my – I can feel my heart rate accelerating just thinking about it.

Assessment is necessary, but it shouldn’t be a necessary evil. As you participate in the 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid self-assessment, explore the idea “Is your assessment of the customer experience more important than your marketing department’s?” Continue reading

Metrics Measurement and ROI

This recorded Google Hangout on Metrics, Measurement, and ROI includes some key tips you don’t want to miss. Three customer experience experts discuss one of the six core competencies of Customer Experience. Customer Relationship Metrics SVP Jim Rembach is part of the panel which also includes Lynn Hunsaker and Yvonne Nomizu. Leslie Pagel narrates the discussion.

Learn how WAZOO and FREAKING play a role in your metrics strategy. Jim always brings props to these CXPA Google Hangouts and this one is no exception.

voc metrics measurement roiIn this video you will also learn about a very important study conducted at Northeastern University that can help you to persuade people to make better customer experience decisions.

Why linking quality results to corporate objectives is bad

Linking quality results to your corporate objectives is a fundamental expertise in which all contact center quality assurance programs must excel. I will show why it’s most often done terribly and how you can get better at it in a moment. Not only must it be done well, it should be updated on a regular basis.

I have spent the past 20 years in customer service and contact centers. I have found that linking quality results to corporate objectives to be a common element that was missing or being badly done when customer insights were revealing a contact center’s poor service. When customers are telling you that your brand promise and customer promises are not being delivered via the contact center, linking quality results to corporate objectives is going to be an area of opportunity. I guarantee it.

Linking quality results causes executive disconnect

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How many calls can agents handle?

How do you determine how many calls your agents should handle in an hour? It’s seems like a simple goal setting process, but is it really simple?

In order to help avoid costly mistakes that are difficult to overcome, Customer Relationship Metrics has developed a self-assessment that will help you identify issues within your own Quality Assurance Program. One of the questions in 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid asks “has number of calls handled been removed from your agent scorecards?” Our easy to understand approach provides the blueprint needed to become a more customer centric contact center and lower your costs to operate.

Consequences of the ‘how many calls’ mentality

Continue reading

Why you must remove Handle Time from Scorecards

What? Remove handle time from agent scorecards?! Yes. You also need to do something else. This case study example provides a model you can use to prove why you must remove handle time from scorecards. If you have already taken this action, please share your results.

Recently Customer Relationship Metrics published an e-book and self-assessment to help contact center leaders identify issues within Quality Assurance Programs. One of the questions within 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid asks “Has handle time been removed from your agent scorecards?” Our goal in creating this tool is to help you avoid costly mistakes and eliminate mental anguish.

What happens if you don’t remove handle time from agent scorecards?

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Contact center knowledge base – friend or foe?

“Does your quality department have the authority to make changes to your knowledge base platform?” is one of the questions asked in the 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid e-book and self-assessment. Our intent in asking this question is not to assess the quality of your contact center knowledge tool, but instead to determine if it’s being managed properly. The e-book contains diagnostic questions to help you identify issues affecting your Quality Assurance program. We want to offer insight to help illuminate missed opportunities, especially those which are pervasive in the contact center industry. For contact center agents, access to company knowledge is a vital component to being able to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

It’s easy to make your contact center knowledge base a foe

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Mystery Calculating Customer Value Revealed

Calculating customer value is one of the areas of focus in the 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid e-book and self-assessment. The question asked, “Do you include the customers’ rating of being treated as valued in your quality process?”, gets to the root cause of the customers’ calculation of value. This e-book is designed to help you identify issues with your existing Quality Assurance Program by asking thought provoking questions, such as this, that will help you unlock the insights into how you are valued by customers.  Value is a two-sided coin. The side we are most familiar with is the internal financial models of calculating customer value; specifically what does a customer mean to the company in regards to revenue or cost? But value also has a reciprocal element where customers feel valued they will value you more. That is the focus of this story. Continue reading

10 Contact Center Quality Hacks

10 contact center quality hacksContact center quality hacks offer ways to transform contact center quality assurance to make your life easier. These low-budget tips and tricks (just like 1000 Life Hacks) can help you organize and reduce the complexity of contact center quality assurance programs; enhance and preserve contact center agent engagement; or teach you something (e.g., Impact Quality Assurance model) that you simply did not know before.

Tenured and New need Contact Center Quality Hacks

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Why you should not grade agent professionalism

Why you should not grade agent professionalism is one of many topics for discussion you will find in the self-assessment and e-book 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to AvoidIn the self-assessment the question was asked “Do your customers rate your agents’ level of professionalism as part of your current quality process?” The self-assessment is comprised of questions that are designed to help you identify issues with your current Quality Assurance program that many others have addressed on their way to exceeding their performance goals. We offer guidance and insights into these questions through these articles and videos. Why? We do it because knowledge-sharing is one of our core values and we care about you and the contact center industry. Just like you, we do not want you to spend valuable resources to strive for the middle of the pack. This e-book is designed to help you become a leader in this industry instead of just another contact center.

Trying to grade agent professionalism internally is a problem

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