Customers take their service needs online – how is your social customer service?

Using social media as a self-service channel.Customers don’t really want to pick up the phone to call you.  They would rather not deal with you at all.  And if they have to deal with you, the first instinct is to go online to do so.  In response to this social customer service trend, some companies dedicate specific handles or pages for social customer service, as well as the resources to quickly and efficiently respond to customers.  The companies that understand their customers’ service channel preferences and effectively serve through those channels will create the customer experience to enhance the brand.

Many customers want social customer service and if you’re a company that values its customers, you are working on an effective social customer service strategy now.  The strategy requires more than just reacting and solving the customer’s problem promptly.  What are you doing to proactively push out social customer service solutions?  How are you preventing product and service problems before they start?

CTA-11-steps-to-social-media-success-for-contact-centersWhich of your favorite brands are dedicating service handles to deal with customer service issues directly versus their marketing people pushing out promotions, offers and product news?  A few stores have service handles where they ask what projects you are working on and how they can help.  The social service agents are identified by name and respond quickly with ideas and suggestions.  But on the whole, many of my brands had channels within the brand unrelated to service – one for style ideas, one for sales, one for featured designers, but NONE for service.  It leaves one to wonder what are they waiting for?

It’s worth noting that several of our customers are ahead of the wave by dedicating many channels to service (and in several different languages!).  What is your company doing about a social customer service strategy?  Not marketing with social media, but serving!

“I was surprised when I went on to the store’s web site under ‘contact us’ they had all these social media channels and chat functions.  The call-in number was literally nowhere to be found.  I was skeptical but within literally seconds of tweeting them I had my answer.”

“I went on Facebook to see what kind of sales one of my favorite baby stores was having.  I was surprised to see that they had posted up a recall of a stroller my friend just bought.  I immediately sent her the link.”

“When I opened the package I ordered there printed on the shipping receipt was a note that said: ‘Tweet us your feedback and get $10 off your next order’.  I went online immediately to tell them how pleased I was with my product and they tweeted me back a discount code.  Awesome!”

Happy Wednesday!

Dr. Jodie Monger

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Jodie Monger, Ph.D. is the president of Customer Relationship Metrics and a pioneer in customer satisfaction research for the contact center industry. Before creating CRMetrics, she was the founding associate director of Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality.

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