Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the emotional affect an individual feels about an organization, goods, or services. Customer experience is an area of focus for organizations that view the customer as an important asset. It is also used to describe an individual interaction an person has with an organization.

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How to raise customer confidence with your contact center agents

The 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid e-book and self-assessment includes the question “Do your customers rate their confidence in the answer provided by the agent as part of your quality process?”  The e-book contains questions designed to uncover opportunities in Quality Assurance programs within customer contact centers. A major task for management is to forever be in search of best practices, a golden ticket, and a new path to be illuminated so operations can be improved. Unfortunately, a too common trend is to look for answers via benchmarking but not all important service dynamics, such as customer confidence can be benchmarked. Many important customer experience criterion are not measured, not measured correctly, and not benchmarked. This e-book was designed to help you become the leader of the pack by not missing out on important tools.

Why is not having the customer confidence rating a problem?

Contact centers are highly complex organisms, wouldn’t you agree? Squeeze something over here and see the impact over there. As managers, we need to squeeze the right things so we get the effect that we need which is usually categorized as a better customer experience at a lower cost to provide. A customer experience with your contact center is extremely important for your brand. When a customer does not have trust in your center, well, they lose trust in the brand. Your agents have the power to be brand enhancers or brand detractors. Continue reading

Contact Center Resources for Marketing Professionals

contact-center-resources-marketers-buttonAll of the brand promises developed by marketing professionals can be fulfilled, broken, or discovered in the contact center. More and more marketing professionals are taking keen interest in the operation and insights that can be captured in contact centers. Moments of truth, magic moments, defining moments, tipping points, perceptions, expectations, and recovery can all impact an organization’s brand and most often experienced and sensationalized and culminate in the contact center. These contact center resources for marketing professionals are focused on helping to better leverage the contact center for maximum brand impact.  Continue reading

How do channels like e-mail, chat, Twitter and Facebook impact the agent

Recently Matt McConnell interviewed Jim Rembach at Customer Relationship Metrics; the original post is located on Intradiem’s blog.

are-you-generating-volume-in-one-channel-because-of-poor-service-in-anotherIn an effort to provide better customer service, contact centers have added more channels of communication. But how do channels like e-mail, chat, Twitter and Facebook impact the agent?

Ultimately, it’s a balancing act, says Jim Rembach, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Customer Relationship Metrics, an award-winning contact center managed analytics services company.

Jim tells us, “When you look at the ability of human beings and what we can handle, multi-tasking isn’t always possible. Studies have shown the brain ends up inefficiently switching focus from one activity to another. When you have all of these channels, you increase the likelihood of poor performance from your agents.”

Over the past few decades, organizations have gone back and forth between segmentation and universal agents. When too much is put on agents’ plates, the degradation of the customer experience begins and the roles are often separated again to turn around poor agent performance. Continue reading

Infographic of contact center solutions like we see on TV

Infographic of contact center solutions like we see on TVWant to solve ALL your customer experience and contact center issues TODAY? It’s easy! Get the infographic of contact center solutions like we see on TV and learn about the multivitamins you can give your agents to improve engagement energy! Or you can use the Customer Experience in a spray to instantly provide that WOW experience…

I’m obviously kidding. If only it were that simple, right? We’ve all seen those infomercials touting the latest quick-fix unbelievable products that you must have. After being in this industry for a few decades, I see some of the claims of many contact center solution vendors not falling too far from this infomercial tree.

Those with valuable experience know that meaningful transformation takes hard work and dedication, especially when it comes to your contact center. The infographic of contact center solutions like we see on TV covers employee engagement, improved customer experiences, voice of the customer needs, quality assurance wows, overcoming cross-functional barriers, difficulty in managing hold times; these are issues that plague many contact centers and truly require skilled experts to help in resolving, not some software purchase, or silly infomercial product.  Continue reading

Top Reasons Quality and Training Programs Must Integrate

“Are your quality and training programs integrated?” is a question that was included in the 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid ebook and self-assessment. The ebook and self-assessment includes diagnostic questions to uncover common problems of the long history of Quality Assurance in contact centers. As a fallback, it’s natural to seek benchmarking reports for reassurance of direction, but beware – it’s too easy to focus on common practices that will get average outcomes. No one wants to be in a class that is taught-to-the-middle. Benchmarking activities has resulted in a narrow Quality Assurance definition that, for most, has not developed past the middle/average service experience. This ebook was developed to help you be much more than average.

Why not integrating the Quality and Training programs (deep enough) is a problem?

It is possible that many perceive they have integrated their quality and training departments, when, in fact, they have not; at least not to the depths that are necessary for contact centers to do today. Positioning these two functional groups to report to a Manager of Quality and Training does not represent a high-performing integration. Continue reading

Video Measuring the Customer Experience 5 Issues and 5 Actions to Take

Measuring the customer experience videoMeasuring the Customer Experience with Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter score (NPS), American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), and Customer Effort score (CES) – are all topics of discussion in this on-demand video. Which one is right for you? Are you “stuck” with one of them? What do you do?

Measuring the customer experience is challenging

Well, when measuring the customer experience every metric has issues. Many times individuals make adjustments to customer experience measurement programs making the measurements, reports, and interpretation erroneous. Do you know what they do? In this free on-demand webinar video, Jim Rembach, Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) Expert Panel member and SVP with Customer Relationship Metrics, talks about each of these metrics and reveals common issues, potential benefits, and actions you can take to improve the buy-in for making changes in measuring the customer experience.

Watch the webinar today and also learn:

1)      The 5 untold CX issues that need fixing

2)      How it impacts Agent Turnover and hiring

3)      5 actions to take to boost your results

Learn about the number one thing you should focus on.  It’s time to increase your knowledge on these customer experience methodologies to better serve yourself and your customers. Watch this video now!

Gallery – 29 mistakes to avoid with quality assurance programs

Below are the question pages in image format for 29 Mistakes to Avoid with Quality Assurance Programs eBook with Self- assessment. You can download the entire quality assurance ebook for free in our contact center resource library. If you would like permission to use these, or have any questions, you may contact us anytime.

mistakes to avoid with quality assurance programs self-assessment cover
29 quality assurance mistakes to avoid ebook 90 percent contact center budget impact

Continue reading

Webinar: Measuring Customer Experience: 5 Issues & 5 Actions

Video: Measuring Customer Experience: 5 Issues & 5 ActionsCustomer Relationship Metrics very own Jim Rembach, Customer Experience Professionals Association (www.CXPA,org) CX Expert Panel member, will speak at Measuring Customer Experience: 5 Frequent Issues and 5 Actions, (WATCH THE ON-DEMAND RECORDING) a Keynomics Webinar, Thursday, January 23, 2014 from 2-3PM EST.

Measuring the customer experience correctly is the focus of most contact center leaders. Beyond just CX measurement we want to thrill our customers; go beyond just customer satisfaction. However many companies are struggling with their measurement programs and taking the correct actions necessary to improve the customer experience. A Temkin study says only 25% of Fortune 500 companies measure and take decisive actions. So now what?

CTA-quality-assurance-check-upJim will share insights on 4 different CX measures with industry examples. He will reveal 5 common misconceptions and 5 specific actions to take to improve results. Co-presenter, Andrew Neff will highlight two relevant corporate examples of what worked … and what didn’t.

Webinar: Measuring Customer Experience: 5 Issues & 5 Actions

Follow the link above to watch the recording of this webinar where you’ll learn about:

  • Leading Customer Experience (CX) Measures
  • 5 Untold CX Issues That Need Fixing
  • How It Impacts Agent Turnover and Hiring
  • 5 Actions To Take to Boost Your Results

Don’t miss this opportunity hear the things you have been missing! Registration takes less than 10 seconds.  To register, follow click this link.

Gallery – 25 causes of customer experience big data dysfunction self-assessment

Below are the question pages in image format for 25 causes of Customer Experience Big Data Dysfunction eBook with Self- assessment. You can download the entire ebook for free in our contact center resource library. If you would like permission to use these, or have any questions, you may contact us anytime.

25 causes of customer experience big data dysfunction self-assessment cover page
Self-assessment start page

Question 1 of CX big data self-assessment
Continue reading

Gallery – 25 Voice of the customer mistakes to avoid and self-assessment

Below are the question pages in image format for 25 Voice of the Customer Mistakes to Avoid eBook and self- assessment. You can download the entire ebook for free in our contact center resource library. If you would like permission to use these, or have any questions, you may contact us anytime.

25 Voice of the Customer Mistakes to Avoid eBook and self- assessment


Continue reading

The 5 Best in contact center quality excellence

The 5 Best in contact center quality excellenceDo you want to deliver better customer experiences in your contact centers? Duh, of course you do. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would say otherwise. To deliver better customer experiences, contact center quality must transform at a more dramatic rate. Too many practices are built on the exact same premise as they were back in the 1980′s. I have compiled five articles in the best in contact center quality excellence this year that can help you start to move forward on your contact center quality excellence journey. Remember, your quality program can either enable or disable your ability to improve the customer experience.

The truth is, the customer experience is a large impact on the value of your contact center. And the quality items you measure, manage and report metrics on greatly influence the result. Having a problem with empathy? Quality Assurance is driving that. Have a problem with FCR? Yep, QA. Have a problem with agent morale? Hey, it’s QA. We all know that “what gets measured, gets managed.” Well, there is a downside to that as well. “You get, what you get.”    Continue reading

29 Mistakes to avoid with quality assurance programs


Today Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C. released a new ebook 29 Mistakes to Avoid with Quality Assurance that includes a 29-point self-assessment on common mistakes that can be avoided that ultimately undermine a contact center’s ability to maximize customer experiences with service delivery. The findings in the ebook are based on more than a twenty year span of analyzing and designing a holistic approach to quality assurance practices in contact centers.

Virtually unheard of until recently, quality assurance transformation has quickly become one of the hottest activities in contact centers. In the past six months, quality assurance transformation has become a big topic of discussion in the press, blogs, social networks, and industry events.

Contact Center Quality? Quality Problems!

Continue reading

Wow Customer Experiences from Contact Center Quality

Impact Quality Assurance Model with 4 Vital QuestionsDo you want to deliver better customer experiences in your contact centers? Do you want customers to be wowed?  I know, these seem like stupid questions to actually expect a response. Really, who in their right mind would answer “no”?  This is exactly why I did not ask these questions while at a contact center conference a few weeks ago. At this event I had the opportunity to meet with over a hundred contact center practitioners, all there trying to gain more knowledge and skills. Just like so many of us, these people want to do a better job, and were investing time and effort to do so. No time for stupid questions!

Honestly, I think we all have the same desire to progress and to do a better job. We definitely do not want to fail. It’s these desires that can also lead us to temptation in contact centers. We have to face the fact that at some point we were new to contact centers. Despite a few stories I have read, I do not think people were born to work in contact centers.  It is a learned skill. And for most of us, it chooses us, we did not choose it. When each of us start something new we naturally look to see what others are doing to determine what we should do. A somewhat structured approach of “what are others doing“ is called benchmarking. One thing that may not clearly be understood is that benchmarking actually meets a fundamental human need to avoid risk and to find comfort in familiarity. Continue reading

Launching a customer-centric approach with Quality Assurance

Dr. Jodie answers all your customer experience questionsThis page was created in part for the Customer Insights to Action (CIA) Bulletin Newsletter; register here to subscribe.


Dr. Jodie, for 2014 we want to change our approach and become more customer centric.  Where is the best place to start?   – John D.


Thanks for your question, John.  Changing from a product-centric or company-centric approach to a customer-centric one will certainly serve your company well in the long-run. Be prepared that the changeover will be a challenge as you relearn engrained behaviors – but it’s worth it. When you undertake what we call the Quality Assurance Transformation Process, you must do away with your old company- or product-centric behaviors, change your way of thinking, and act to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Continue reading

Quality Assurance Optimization Requires Transformation

CTA-quality-assurance-charts-graphics-button300x170Every company has a department, or several, that perform internal checks to ensure that the quality of the product, service, process, and technology meets or exceeds company-defined standards. Most people refer to these departments as Quality Assurance or QA. Contact centers have been a fertile hotbed for Quality activities for decades! But, have you ever feared that your contact center is merely assuring that you are achieving the common practice due to your quality assurance program? The unintentional industry standard is actually a huge gap between company and customer perceptions when it comes to quality. What contact centers deem to be high quality is misaligned with the customers’ perception. Study after study has reported this to be fact. If your Quality department’s objective is to generate a great customer experience when measuring quality, it must be separating the customer’s evaluation of quality from the company’s evaluation of quality?

For the past few decades the main component of Quality Assurance in contact centers has primarily consisted of internally quality monitoring (iQM) calls for grading and coaching (we hope) purposes. Internal Quality Monitoring (iQM) is listening to calls and grading agents based on a standard set of criteria with monitoring forms. If the agent scored high on the call, high quality customer service was (perceived by the company to have been) delivered; if not, the agent was coached (we hope) on how to improve their performance going forward. But factually, how did the customer evaluate the quality about that high scoring call? (Review: Internal Quality Monitoring is Unable to Answer the Quality Question) Were their expectations met? Was the relationship strengthened? Would they agree that they received high quality customer service as well? Or would their evaluation be different? Of course it’s different! Remember…study after study has proven this gap to be fact. Continue reading

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