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Just how much customer experience dysfunction am I paying for here?

Is your company's customer experience dysfunction index leading to customer pain?

Last week I told you about my alarm vs. phone company customer experience drama and raised the question of what part of each dollar spent on your products and services is needed to fund your company’s dysfunction.  I bet it’s more than you thought.

To last week’s point, I just received my phone bill.  I usually skim my bills and just pay what’s required.  This time my paranoia of dysfunction got the best of me and I started reading the bill line by line.  The bill was littered with this fee and that fee.  Hard line fee?  Gross receipts surcharge?  Fees that I’m now convinced are disguised to cover the phone company’s dysfunction because they cannot just raise the base monthly cost without everyone noticing.  Then I study the alarm monitoring company’s invoice and try to calculate what the monthly fee SHOULD be – I think I have to pay the fully loaded dysfunction fee of $39 when it should be more like $29 without the dysfunction subsidy. Continue reading

Do your call scripts make call center agents better or dumb?

Guidelines and talking points sound different to customers than do call-controlling scripts.  A call center agent who sounds like an advocate or advisor because they naturally converse (what they are told to say), deliver a better customer experience.  With your effort to help agents connect with the caller or to control the content of the call, your scripts easily become a cause of poor customer experiences.

You know that being a call center agent is extremely difficult.  Were you aware that multitasking is close to impossible for human beings to do?  Did you know that with each additional task added to the basic task of listening, efficiency and effectiveness degrade?  Add the need to say specific things during the call to the list of tasks that have already decimated the ability to perform and what do you get?  Well, you get call center agents who sound like idiots (and robots) because they resort to reading the script and not one who is thinking about what the caller is saying.  As far as your customers are concerned, you have engineered intelligence, common sense, and human emotion right out the door.

Your customer experience and/or speech analytics can help to identify agents who are desensitized due to over scripting.  If you are only doing traditional quality monitoring then you are not actually listening what your customers are saying.  Here are some examples of what you could hear: Continue reading

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