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Are unneccessary calls hiking up customer experience dysfunction?

customer experience dysfunction starts with incomplete communication processesWhat are your callers thinking about when they spend minute after minute on hold to speak to an agent?  Probably among the thoughts would be ‘what’s taking so long’?  Studies show that up to half of all customer service calls are unnecessarily placed due to high organizational dysfunction.  A communication misstep within the customer service chain inevitably triggers a customer call to figure out what has happened with their order or shipment, for example. These unnecessary calls tie up valuable agent time, run up call center operation costs, increase customer effort and create an overall negative customer experience.

I recently placed an order online but never received an order confirmation.  Usually I get a prompt confirmation email that includes the order number and an estimated ship date, but this time I didn’t.  Of course, my credit card was charged but without my order number or my confirmation I had to call customer service to ensure my order was actually placed.  My not-so-helpful customer service agent said I had two options:  wait to see if the order arrives or to reverse my credit card charges with my bank and place the order a second time.  Something as simple as a missing order confirmation email had increased my customer effort score through the roof. Continue reading

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