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Who knows when call center agents burnout first?

Who knows when call center agents burnout firstMy friend Julie has taken call after call as an agent for nearly 10 years. I have it on good authority that Julie is one of the best agents out there, but it’s been my experience that Julie is the exception and not the rule. Do you think Julie and other call center agents burnout at the same time? Similar time lengths? Always? Never? Who knows first?

I know when call center agents burnout first

We recently completed analysis that revealed agent performance to peak and then decline at about 10-months of tenure (for a specific client case). Customer evaluations indicate the service peak and decline is related to tenure of the agent, not time of day, month or year!

This makes me think about the complaints we get from customers about the lack of knowledge and care that they receive from lackadaisical agents. When customers can voice their opinions about service engagement so quickly and publicly, a positive agent experience is paramount.

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Hey, here’s how you use my survey feedback to prevent social media warfare

Are you willing to take responsibility for creating this much noise for your organization?  Assuming you responded ‘No’ from the previous blog post, below are a few steps you can begin taking today to minimize your social media threat.  And, since Mom always told us kids that we need to focus on the bright side, that’s exactly what I will do.  From here you get to choose your own remedy based on the current structure and capabilities of your existing survey program and its tools:

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I have to use the bathroom, but let me take this survey first

Capturing post-call customer feedback is critical to your business.  It allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the customer, uncover problem products, agent issues, service faults and organizational barriers.  Additionally, it reveals the positive in what is working, who is performing at high levels and quantifies overall customer satisfaction.  You may think that your customers are inconvenienced by being asked to take a survey.  If done correctly, they are not.  And some even take participating in your surveys a little too seriously.  But we don’t mind…we like that. 


“Thank you again for your help.  I appreciate what you were doing.  You were very nice.  I really have to go to the bathroom but I thought I should take this survey to give you credit because you were so good.  You’re a great person.  I have to go now, literally.  Bye-bye.”

“He was absolutely grand.  He was fabulous.  I so appreciate what he did for me.  If I could give you a score of a 100, I would, but I don’t want to mess up the survey.”

“Thank you for having a way for me to tell you what a great time I had today with your company.  I was dreading having to deal with this and if I would have known how not unpleasant it would be, I would have lost less sleep about this.”

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