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Profiting from Customer Experience Process Improvements

corporate change and process improvement from customer experience We all strive to improve customer experience in our organizations but one thing is for certain, change is hard. Positive customer experience process improvement is achieved through a variety of ways: external quality monitoring programs that uncover hidden issues, working through high customer experience dysfunction issues to streamline internal processes, and organizing mounds of customer experience Big Data to better service your customers’ needs are just a few. We selected some of our favorite stories below to show you some of the ways you can improve customer experience processes in your business. Do you find these stories helpful? We’d love to hear your feedback directly. Please tweet me at @jodiemonger. Enjoy!

Services for homeowners are intertwined.  What part of each dollar for your product or service is needed to fund a company’s dysfunction? This is a very serious question! Continue reading

Text analytics makes the most of consumer data

what's the point of gathering consumer data if you're not digging deeper to find trends?I recently wrote a blog post focused on how companies are using social CRM.  Everyone seems to be using social customer service to gauge customer sentiment, manage product and service issues, and follow up with customer service complaints.  The focus on social media strategies is overwhelming to many organizations but of even more significant is the lack of Social Media Business Intelligence.  Why are you monitoring and gathering all of that consumer data if you cannot do anything valuable with it? For any business project don’t you need to prove the value of the effort and investment?

Along with your consumer data gathering, consider text analytics to help you organize unstructured text-based data in your CRM systems (and in social media), survey and emails into a form that can be analyzed to uncover patterns or trends.  Do you notice a spike in online customer complaints about the lifespan of one of your new products?  What do you do to prove the need for action?  Text analytics supports, for example, the need for the manufacturing department to reevaluate the intended use for the product and the Warranty/Finance Department to alter the current product warranty.

Many companies may offer the complaining customers a quick refund or replacement to stop further brand badgering.  Dealing with one vocal and hostile customer at a time is not harnessing the power of the customer intelligence available.  Digging deeper into the mountains of information with text analytics or text BI uncovers the larger issues and builds a business case for a successful remedy, instead of putting a band-aid on one customer at a time. Continue reading

You need skills-based routing for social media interaction management too

So you use skills-based routing for your call center, but your organization doesn’t think it’s necessary to apply the same principles to social CRM to be successful?  Sure, the marketing department may be responsible for promoting products and service offers online, but it’s a big stretch for them to handle complex customer service issues on your social service channels.

We’ve talked about the importance of not ‘chasing the smoke’ that clutters social customer service channels so it is worthwhile to also focus on which internal departments are responding to the customer comments.  You want to maximize sales opportunities by directing those comments or inquiries to those with sales training.  If there are posts with a question about a return, it is likely that the call center is best to effectively handle the issue for a speedy exchange.  When social media customer interactions are managed correctly and promptly, it’s an experience that enhances the relationship for the customer and is, therefore, a big win for the company. Continue reading

Are customers using crowdsourcing to find your products?

are customers finding your products and services through crowdsourcing?It’s time to get a new TV so I went to my local electronics store see the choices.  I wanted to compare the options and then select which model, brand and type would best suit my needs.  I found a store salesperson that walked me through the choices and we focused on several models that would be ‘perfect’ for me.  We talked for about 15 minutes and I was left to make my decision.  It was only a minute before another customer came up to me and told me the exact opposite of what the salesperson had said.  The customer told me the model the salesperson recommended was about to be discontinued because of a quick bulb burnout, surmising that the salesperson ‘was probably just trying to move excess product’.

Delaying my purchase so I could do more research, I located a whole slew of communities and customer comments talking about the bulb problems with warnings to future customers that ‘they’d be disappointed’.  I also found suggestions of like brands and models that had better bulb life.  I was able to post my own question and get several rapid responses. Continue reading

Entergy and TELUS serve up social media customer service

don't shy away from the importance of social media interactionsIf your company is in denial of the importance of social media, beware the consequences. “If you aren’t at the table, you are on the menu,” says Alex Schott, the manager of social media and multimedia communications at Entergy, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in New Orleans, LA.

He’s not wrong. If you aren’t participating in online dialogue about your company, you’re only encouraging more negative comments and more misperceptions.

Serving up customer service on Twitter may sound daunting, but it’s an important and growing customer venue. The demand for customer service via social media channels will only continue to grow. Now is the time to start making a plan for how and what you can do to provide service to customers via social media. If you choose not to delay you can create a BIG competitive advantage.

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Social media monitoring is like chasing smoke

There’s something so interesting (and addictive) about social media.  It makes even luddites feel tech-savvy; it’s hip and new, and, according to some customer experience experts, anyone who matters is doing it.  And consumers’ social media activities extend well beyond updating their Facebook page or tweeting about their most recent customer service disaster.  Customer service is going social – big time!!  According to Zendesk, 62% of consumers have looked to social media channels for customer service issues.

But before you begin logging onto your company’s Facebook page a dozen times a day to see how many “likes” you have, and endlessly searching tweets containing your company’s name, step away from your keyboard.  Social Media Monitoring is not the place to start your Social Customer Service efforts.  Responding to the noise on social media platforms is like chasing smoke – frustrating, time-consuming and ultimately futile if your aim is to effectively improve the customer experience.  If you take this approach you are incapable of controlling what people put out there in the social sphere about your organization. Continue reading

Social Media Business Intelligence is now available

As you may have noticed, we’ve been talking a lot this month about social media, and how it fits in with business intelligence and customer service. And that’s for good reason — more and more companies are trying to figure out how to navigate and take advantage of these (still relatively new) channels.

In response to that demand, we’ve just announced a new service offering, Social Media BI™, which is now available to our customers. Social Media BI is intended to help organizations move beyond just responding to individual complaints via social networks, and instead use these channels to identify and analyze issues that are creating the most problems for their customers. From there, we can help companies create proactive strategies for managing their social media efforts — and avoid the dreaded reactive approach.

Check out the announcement that we made this week for more information on Social Media BI, and let us know if you have any questions!

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