Who knows when call center agents burnout first?

Who knows when call center agents burnout first?

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Who knows when call center agents burnout firstMy friend Julie has taken call after call as an agent for nearly 10 years. I have it on good authority that Julie is one of the best agents out there, but it’s been my experience that Julie is the exception and not the rule. Do you think Julie and other call center agents burnout at the same time? Similar time lengths? Always? Never? Who knows first?

I know when call center agents burnout first

We recently completed analysis that revealed agent performance to peak and then decline at about 10-months of tenure (for a specific client case). Customer evaluations indicate the service peak and decline is related to tenure of the agent, not time of day, month or year!

This makes me think about the complaints we get from customers about the lack of knowledge and care that they receive from lackadaisical agents. When customers can voice their opinions about service engagement so quickly and publicly, a positive agent experience is paramount.

Do you think these customer comments (these are real) can help you to identify when call center agents burnout?

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