Call Center Analytics Revealed Case Study

Call Center Analytics Revealed Case Study

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Get an Insiders view to Business Intelligence and Call Center Analytics

In this complimentary case study and ebook Call Center Analytics Revealed: Why Technology is not Your Actionable Business Intelligence Panacea, get an insiders view into the world of business intelligence and call center analytics.

Is call center analytics the silver bullet it’s promised to be? Is it possible for call center analytics and business intelligence technologies to have too much promise surrounding them? Can they live up to your expectations? What are you not aware of that may blindside you?

This ebook and case study lays out the things you need to know to be successful. In this ebook you will learn about:

  • A current and widening gap that will affect only the unprepared
  • How the US government and corporate leaders are aware of this issue and statistics driving their actions
  • Resources that can help you develop your call center analytic strategy
  • Study results that validate the need for certain actions

You have said it before, knowledge is power. Everyone knows this to be a reality based in facts. Call center and business intelligence technologies do have significant potential for uncovering the hidden insights that make careers and companies.

Being knowledgeable about the limitations of business intelligence will prevent over-promising and under delivering. The new world order requires skills with these technologies and the insights shared in this ebook will help you.


In addition to this ebook on call center analytics, get other contact center best practices on Call Center Surveying, Quality Monitoring, Speech Analytics, Social Media in the Contact Center and Eliminating the Worst Call Center Common Practice and more in our Resource Library.

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Jim Rembach is a panel expert with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and an SVP for Customer Relationship Metrics (CRM). Jim spent many years in contact center operations and leverages this to help others. He is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner and frequently quoted industry expert. Call Jim at 336-288-8226 if you need help with customer-centric enhancements.

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