Is your call center being setup for failure by your marketing department?

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Is your call center being setup for failure by your marketing department?

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Targeting customers with the right message at the right time and getting that message into the hands of a decision maker is one of best ways to gain new customers and to upsell current customers on new products and services.  Unfortunately for many companies, they fail miserably (unintentionally for sure) in their marketing efforts and may accidentally fail to set up the call center for success in selling.

Think about how often you get a completely irrelevant email offer?  I’m not even talking absurd spam; I’m talking about reputable companies with the wrong message.  More often than not, those companies would tell you they were doing a great job targeting their marketing but the call center just can’t convert the sales. Their customers, on the other hand, disagree (that’s the power of Customer Experience Analytics). So, where is the disconnection between consumer needs and what companies want to convey about their products and services so they can sell more?  You know we have to listen to our customers, and we think we are, so how are we still getting it wrong?  And what could it mean for our bottom line if
we actually got the message right and set the call center up for success? The answer to all of this resides untapped in the contact center. This is the opportunity that I love to help clients with.

Comments like these are uncovered and analyzed by our team and used for better data-driven decisions and continuous improvement.

customers-grade-the-calls“I am so sick of getting offer after offer for a new refrigerator.  I bought one six months ago.  Either you know something that I don’t, like the life span of your stuff is really short or you should update your records.”

“You constantly send me discounted offers for winter wear – down jackets, thermal pants – I live in Florida.  Ever stop and think that maybe I would have no use for a down jacket?”

“I like that you send me suggested items because I do like buying from your web site, but the suggestions are kind of off base.  If you look at my buying history more closely you would know that.”

“It’s rather upsetting to get your advertisements touting your new services and prices when I already have those services and pay more.  Why am I less valuable to you than a potential customer?  It makes me mad to know that I pay more as a 20 year loyal customer than Joe-Schmo who signs up for Day 1.”

About Dr. Jodie Monger

Jodie Monger, Ph.D. is the president of Customer Relationship Metrics and a pioneer in voice of the customer research for the contact center industry. Before creating CRMetrics, she was the founding associate director of Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality.

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