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Big data refers to a collection of several sets of data and presents an opportunity to businesses who can analyze that information to better understand and target their customers.

Learn How to Become a Speech Analytics Analyst in 30-Days or Less

In addition to reading this article about becoming a speech analytics analyst, you should also check out the video series Speech Analytics Best Practices.  Jim Rembach, discusses the importance of identifying the key personnel required for a successful Business Intelligence implementation and the traits or attributes of these personnel: 1.   Analytic / math skills, 2.   [...]

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The Mounting Data Crush

Typically, our “Knuggets and Knuckleheads” are filled with customer comments and customer feedback that make you laugh or perhaps give you insight as to some pains and barriers your customers are experiencing FROM your organization.  To shake it up, this Tuesday (instead of Monday) we are bringing you an organizational post that showcases the ‘knucklehead’ [...]

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