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Call center analytics refers to the collection, evaluation and interpretation of the data and information a call center collects, that can then be used to better serve and understand customers.

Call Center Analytics Revealed Case Study

Get an Insiders view to Business Intelligence and Call Center Analytics In this complimentary case study and ebook Call Center Analytics Revealed: Why Technology is not Your Actionable Business Intelligence Panacea, get an insiders view into the world of business intelligence and call center analytics. Is call center analytics the silver bullet it’s promised to be? Is [...]

Delivering that Chick-fil-A Contact Center Experience

As a customer experience consultant, I look at every consumer experience as a learning experience. Last week, I conducted a “quality review” at Chick fil-A® to better interpret the contact center experience. I purposefully arrived during the lunch time rush and joined the line to order just outside the door. It was just like being [...]

How to get agent scorecards with coachable data from surveys

“Are you missing agent scorecards with coachable data in your post-call IVR survey program?” is one of the questions that were posed in the 25 Mistakes to Avoid with Post-call IVR Surveys eBook and self-assessment. The eBook and self-assessment includes diagnostic questions to uncover many of the problems we have come across since inventing post-call [...]

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What scale should I use for my customer satisfaction surveys?

When selecting the best customer satisfaction survey scale to use, the decision should be driven by several key points: What is the methodology for the measurement project? What is the intended use for the results? What are the best analytics to accurately interpret the results? What is the methodology for the customer experience measurement project? The research [...]

Customer Relationship Metrics’ Most Comical Contact Center Stories

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the serious, so let’s look back at some of our funniest stories.  Wild, 10+ hour customer experience calls, dissatisfied customers completely destroying brick-and-mortar stores, customer service terrorists going on multi-social channel rants --- these are just some of our most shockingly true and amusing stories, and we [...]

Post-call IVR surveys: the key to call center process improvement

The only effective way to capture the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is through post-call IVR surveys, where results are able to tap into the genuine experiences customers have with a product or service. The knowledge shared by the customer, and thereby gained and analyzed by the company, can lead to powerful change for the future [...]

Designing the perfect call center manager – The next phase

Aside from a knowledgeable, agent-friendly, capable leader at the helm of your call center, what else goes into designing the ideal prototype for a call center manager? You need someone with savvy business acumen to navigate through the ever-changing business landscape.  Think about the best boss you’ve ever had:  did s/he have the expertise to [...]

Your parents put you in the call center

As you look around the office at your coworkers out there in the cubicle farm, do you ever find yourself wondering how you ended up in your chair?  Do you think you have anything in common with them?  What brought you all to the call center industry?  It has to be some kind of gravitational pull [...]

Are you earning that high post-call survey score?

I have recently overheard discussions around creative ways to improve a company’s customer satisfaction ratings from their External Quality Monitoring program using a post-call survey methodology. “How can we break that 95%+ glass ceiling in customer satisfaction ratings?” “Why couldn’t the agent ask the customer at the end of each call if they have done [...]

Scrimping in the call center can cost you

When is enough, enough?  During these lean economic times companies, like many households, are trying to do more with less.  At what point does all of that scrimping and saving end up costing the company more?  Let’s take head count and span of control for instance.  In our example company, the External Quality Monitoring program using [...]

All you have to do is listen to your customers

Voice of the Customer; a catch phrase commonly uttered in offices around the globe. But what does it mean exactly? Where does it come from? How does a business decipher constructive (and valuable) feedback from noise?  It is not uncommon to hear a manager say that you need to listen to the voice of the [...]

Five landmines for CRM professionals to avoid

This month, I had the opportunity to write an article for 1to1 Magazine about the top issues that CRM professionals will come up against this year. I focused on five points: Short-term cost-cutting hurts long-term growth. New technologies making new skills necessary for call center employees. Corporate arrogance hampering growth. Unnecessarily difficult relationships with vendors [...]

Holistic medicine for your call center; look at the whole customer experience

Holistic medicine is a big picture view - the emotional, physical, psychological and environmental factors that contribute to a patient’s overall health.  Without considering all of these factors, a doctor may only solve part of the affliction without completely healing the patient.  In your call center, the agents lacking a holistic view of a customer’s [...]

Six Lessons body-building can teach you about customer experiences

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I competed in my very first body-building competition.  Between stage appearances, eating hourly meals and making sure my Oompa Loompa-like tan was intact, the customer-service lessons were hard to miss. 1.  Forget agent to supervisor ratios. You need expediters. If you’ve never been backstage at a body-building competition, imagine a large [...]

Do your call scripts make call center agents better or dumb?

Guidelines and talking points sound different to customers than do call-controlling scripts.  A call center agent who sounds like an advocate or advisor because they naturally converse (what they are told to say), deliver a better customer experience.  With your effort to help agents connect with the caller or to control the content of the [...]

Was this an attempt to improve the Black Friday customer experience or not?

For the first time some stores got a jump on ‘Black Friday’ by opening on Thursday evening (Thanksgiving).  After the leftovers from the turkey dinner were put away, I decided to venture out to see how this plan was going to work.  What was I thinking?!? Did you assume that the expansion of the Black [...]

Is your call center short-term focused and long-term blind like Wall Street?

I think more than anything where we fail in customer service, both in the call center and out, is the follow-up. We put great importance on the quick fix, to speedily get the caller off the phone to address the next caller in queue. Being long-term blind like Wall Street, we worry about short-term metrics [...]

Moneyball inspiration for contact center leaders

In baseball as in business, some of the greatest success stories lie with the individuals that thought outside the box.  In the movie Moneyball, we find Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt), the General Manager that famously made the Oakland A’s one of the most cost-efficient and winning teams out there.  Beane did not have [...]

Tips to prevent creating your own contact center analytics shelfware

Recently, I walked into my classroom for the upcoming term and braced myself for the exasperating questions that seemingly every class insists on asking:  “Will you be sending out lecture notes after class?”, “will this be on the test?”, and “why do I have to take this [any variation of math] class?”  The answers to [...]