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Customer analytics is an examination of customer behavior used to help organizations make informed business decisions to better serve and target their customers.

The customer expectation will damage your brand

Recently two highly-publicized customer expectations lawsuits have been in the news; one for Anheuser-Busch misrepresenting the alcohol content in a variety of its beers and the other with Subway’s foot-long sandwiches for coming up short. In both cases the customer expectations were clearly set and advertised (Subway’s $5 foot-long sandwich deal and Anheuser-Busch light beers [...]

Web Experience Survey Mistake #1 – Trying to Measure WAY too much!

My bank sent me a survey invitation after I logged into my account to review my mortgage. I was happy to click on the survey link to discuss my satisfaction with the online experience.  After about 6 minutes of clicking through the pages of questions, I had to give up.  Time to respond to the [...]

Emotional decisions will cost you thousands without Customer Experience Analytics

It is human nature to make emotional decisions based on nothing more than a reaction to a feeling, even if it is irrational.  In business, emotional decisions made every day without thorough customer experience analysis to support them is costing you tens of thousands of wasted dollars. How do you know? How do you know [...]

How well does your Big Data know your customers?

When it comes to growing your business, the ingredients are straightforward:  have a good product/service, understand your customers’ needs, have good, clean customer data, and deliver an exemplary customer experience every time.  Do those four things better than everyone else and your company always lands on the top of the heap.  Fail to do any one [...]

Post-call surveys are pointless if your agents synthesize the results

Little kids get in trouble all the time, and when they’re ready to come clean they’ll often make parents promise not to get mad before they spill beans. Wanting to ensure mom and dad’s response is not unlike an agent asking for a top score on a post-call survey from a customer they just helped [...]

It’s the biggest customer challenge facing businesses today

The biggest challenge faced by consumer businesses today as it relates to the customer experience is data conversion disorder. In the psychology world, conversion disorder is a somatoform disorder characterized by medically unknown and often disabling neurological symptoms.  Individuals diagnosed with conversion disorder present with at least one unfeigned and unintentional symptom which affects voluntary [...]

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What stands in YOUR way from becoming customer centric?

Top companies are those that revolve their business models around their customers.  Those that not only consider their customers in the design and marketing of their products, but involve them throughout their products’ development and introduction into the marketplace are the companies that lead their competitors. But you know that talking about being customer centric [...]

Solve your Big Data problems and stop blaming ‘the other guy’

So your company has a big data problem and after much research you purchase a CRM software solution (BI or Analytics Software included) you believe will solve all your issues.  A few months after the install you find you’re no where closer to solving your big data problem and you’re ready to throw out the proverbial software [...]

Text analytics makes the most of consumer data

I recently wrote a blog post focused on how companies are using social CRM.  Everyone seems to be using social customer service to gauge customer sentiment, manage product and service issues, and follow up with customer service complaints. The focus on social media strategies is overwhelming to many organizations but of even more significant is [...]

Are customers using crowdsourcing to find your products?

It’s time to get a new TV so I went to my local electronics store see the choices.  I wanted to compare the options and then select which model, brand and type would best suit my needs.  I found a store salesperson that walked me through the choices and we focused on several models that [...]

Big Data done right can benefit brands and customers

Everyone is abuzz over the ‘new’ Big Data trend and while most companies are floundering to analyze the data they already have, not to mention the data they have yet to capture, some big brands are setting the bar of customer analytics excellence pretty high. So what are these brands doing right?  Have they identified [...]

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When your service fails, where do your customers go for self-service?

Here’s a hint:  it’s not your company’s web site. We’ve all been there.  Frustration after a poor IVR or call center agent experience makes it seem simpler to go online to see if you can solve your product or service questions yourself.  Studies show that frustrated customers turn to social media channels to look for [...]

Just how much customer experience dysfunction am I paying for here?

Last week I told you about my alarm vs. phone company customer experience drama and raised the question of what part of each dollar spent on your products and services is needed to fund your company’s dysfunction.  I bet it’s more than you thought. To last week’s point, I just received my phone bill.  I [...]

Your quick start to the customer experience gold mine

Mining and analyzing customer comments to understand sentiment is no longer a wish. It’s a must. Based on years of experience, I suspect many of you are like the business partners I work with: you understand the value of the activity, would love to be able to get your hands on the insight, but don’t [...]

Resolutions for a better working me (take any that you need for your list!)

Every year around this time I find myself reflecting on the months that have passed and what I wish I would have done, not done, done better or done differently.  At the risk of appearing like a new-year's-resolution-gym-rat that is rarely seen past February, I'll share my list of 2012 professional resolutions to include dumping [...]

How high is your Dysfunction Index?

Services for homeowners are intertwined.  I need a phone line for my alarm system to be monitored properly.  What happens when the alarm system cannot connect to the phone and neither the phone service company nor the alarm company will cop to the issue or help me resolve it?  The alarm company says it’s a [...]

As the ball drops this New Year’s, don’t drop it again with customers in 2012

Tis the time of year when we’re all making resolutions both personally and professionally.  This year, pledge to halt the risk to your organization by not effectively analyzing customer feedback and conversations.  Your path is unclear and even treacherous without this necessary business intelligence.  If you are not able to prove how these customer analytics [...]

What top three failures in your customer experience program are killing you?

Customer sentiment and text analytics are all the rage these days, as organizations aim to differentiate themselves from the competition with the only thing they have left: service. These activities can make the difference between an organization that thrives and one that crumbles against the competition. But in order to experience the values and gains, [...]

What are you teaching your children about customer experience respect?

Are you teaching your children to be good consumers?  Not to be consumers of a lot of things but to BE a good consumer?  You practice the art of leading by example at the office in your role as a manager but are you mindful what the little ones are watching at home?  I’d say [...]

Was this an attempt to improve the Black Friday customer experience or not?

For the first time some stores got a jump on ‘Black Friday’ by opening on Thursday evening (Thanksgiving).  After the leftovers from the turkey dinner were put away, I decided to venture out to see how this plan was going to work.  What was I thinking?!? Did you assume that the expansion of the Black [...]