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Customer analytics is an examination of customer behavior used to help organizations make informed business decisions to better serve and target their customers.

Customers are demanding greater product quality in tough times

At the end of October 2011, Customer Relationship Metrics published its quarterly Real-time Customer Experience Benchmarking Report to business partners.  One of the more interesting findings that emerged from analysis of the benchmarking data was a relatively unexplained spike in problem-related calls to contact centers that provide support to the automotive, appliance, and electronics industries [...]

The horror of customer experience consistency that misses the mark

You are probably like me and my friends.  We are always quick to share a new find:  a doctor, a handyman, a great new boutique, an app or even a recipe.  Recently I referred a friend to a garage that I’ve used for years for car repairs and maintenance.  She wasn’t very happy when she [...]

The Role of Call Centers in bringing about Obamacare

How did we get to the point where the Federal Government plans a hostile takeover of one-sixth of the American economy?  Consumers abused their benefits and the providers pushed back to control costs and now insurance providers have secured their very own circle in Hell alongside stock brokers, bankers, ambulance-chasers and telemarketing lawyers.  The clues [...]

Emerging customer retention model: hide your contact center information

What’s the big secret?  You sold me.  Someone wanted to buy me, so there!  Now that you have me, why are you trying to hide from me?  Why would you put customer relationships at risk; not to mention the immense pressure on your call center agents to field the angry customer calls when we figure [...]

Does your customer experience data answer the $64,000 question?

The other day, I got the $64,000 question (more like a million dollars nowadays) from a client --- why was their best-selling product not selling so well anymore?  For years it had been their cash cow because of its ease-of-use, long lifespan and consistent price point.   My client was scratching his head because, in his [...]

Is your call center being setup for failure by your marketing department?

Targeting customers with the right message at the right time and getting that message into the hands of a decision maker is one of best ways to gain new customers and to upsell current customers on new products and services.  Unfortunately for many companies, they fail miserably (unintentionally for sure) in their marketing efforts and [...]