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Customer effort is the amount of time and energy a customer must put forth to get their product or service issues resolved with a company.

Time to Stop Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a waste of time for many. It’s a waste of time for the customers to provide it, a waste for managers to review it, and waste of time for agents to receive it. Oh, and a waste of money to collect it and to summarize it. How can that be? The underlying [...]

Customer Effort Analytics Executive Summary

In this on-demand briefing Jessica Gordon with Frost & Sullivan interviews Jim Rembach on effort analytics and the three most important takeaways from member webcast. Jessica asks what currently counts in call centers and how are companies measuring and optimizing their centers for more profitable customer interactions and better customer experiences. Watch the Inside Customer Effort [...]

Inside Customer Effort Score: Analytics Expert Case Study

This on-demand webinar Inside Customer Effort Score: Analytics Expert Case Study reveals the analytics of the Customer Effort Score in a contact center. This case study provides wisdom about driving change that you don't want to miss. Surveys, speech analytics, and more are discussed as you are taken through the process of developing new strategies [...]

Stop trying to delight your customers in contact centers

Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers in Contact Centers Briefing In this video I reveal Case Study insights and how customer effort can be impacted through advanced voice of the customer methods. Customer effort score and first call resolution while being related can not be mistaken as synonymous. In order to determine which metric works [...]

Why FCR is more powerful than a genie in a bottle

A contact center manager was walking along a beach and found an old lamp. She picked it up and rubbed it and out popped a genie. The genie said, "Okay, you released me from the lamp, blah blah blah. This is the fourth time this month and I'm getting sick of these wishes so instead [...]

3 Things that Matter to Customers: That you can’t Discuss

“I could care less.” “That is your problem.” “Better you than me.” “It sucks to be you.” These quotes are typical comments, some of which are often more colorful, that may be found in customer comments. You are reviewing customer comments, aren’t you? But when you see these comments, they really don’t give you any [...]

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Do your customers fall into the ‘expectations gap’?

Does your organization have customers with different expectations than they should?  How does that happen when your company should be setting proper expectations? But, as you know, there are often gaps between what they think and what we think they should think.  The gaps often yield dissatisfied customers, high customer effort and more customer complaints [...]

Are your siloed call center processes increasing customer effort?

When people find out what I do for a living they inevitably tell me about some awful customer experience they’ve had and ask if I can ‘fix that company’.  From my perspective as a consumer, I can certainly empathize with their bad customer experience, but as a call center professional I understand the common missteps [...]

You can’t always get the customer experience you want

But if you try sometimes, you just might find you get ------ a high amount customer effort and a lot of headaches.  I continue to be shocked about the customer experience dysfunction I witness in my everyday life.  I have no doubt that you know what I’m talking about.  We see the repetitive communication and [...]

Are unneccessary calls hiking up customer experience dysfunction?

What are your callers thinking about when they spend minute after minute on hold to speak to an agent?  Probably among the thoughts would be ‘what’s taking so long’?  Studies show that up to half of all customer service calls are unnecessarily placed due to high organizational dysfunction. A communication misstep within the customer service [...]

When your service fails, where do your customers go for self-service?

Here’s a hint:  it’s not your company’s web site. We’ve all been there.  Frustration after a poor IVR or call center agent experience makes it seem simpler to go online to see if you can solve your product or service questions yourself.  Studies show that frustrated customers turn to social media channels to look for [...]

Just how much customer experience dysfunction am I paying for here?

Last week I told you about my alarm vs. phone company customer experience drama and raised the question of what part of each dollar spent on your products and services is needed to fund your company’s dysfunction.  I bet it’s more than you thought. To last week’s point, I just received my phone bill.  I [...]

How high is your Dysfunction Index?

Services for homeowners are intertwined.  I need a phone line for my alarm system to be monitored properly.  What happens when the alarm system cannot connect to the phone and neither the phone service company nor the alarm company will cop to the issue or help me resolve it?  The alarm company says it’s a [...]

Do your call scripts make call center agents better or dumb?

Guidelines and talking points sound different to customers than do call-controlling scripts.  A call center agent who sounds like an advocate or advisor because they naturally converse (what they are told to say), deliver a better customer experience.  With your effort to help agents connect with the caller or to control the content of the [...]

The Role of Call Centers in bringing about Obamacare

How did we get to the point where the Federal Government plans a hostile takeover of one-sixth of the American economy?  Consumers abused their benefits and the providers pushed back to control costs and now insurance providers have secured their very own circle in Hell alongside stock brokers, bankers, ambulance-chasers and telemarketing lawyers.  The clues [...]

Emerging customer retention model: hide your contact center information

What’s the big secret?  You sold me.  Someone wanted to buy me, so there!  Now that you have me, why are you trying to hide from me?  Why would you put customer relationships at risk; not to mention the immense pressure on your call center agents to field the angry customer calls when we figure [...]

Does your return policy ultimately affect customer experience and satisfaction?

I recently ordered two wall hangings for my child’s room and they showed up damaged.  I was undecided about the picture situation, but since I bought them so cheaply on clearance ($5!) I decided against the hassle to return them.  The store’s customer service rep told me I would have to the store in person, [...]

Self-service can be very expensive for contact centers

Self-service is perceived to lower operating costs in contact centers, but many experience an increase in call volumes after implementing self-service solutions. Hopefully these insights will help you implement your own best practices. Not so long ago in a land not too far away (Pennsylvania), people got completely swept up by the corporate culture of Green Mountain Energy.  It was [...]