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External Quality Monitoring (EQM) is Customer Relationship Metrics’ most popular customer experience analytics program. The EQM program is a fully managed services program that combines survey calibration, real-time surveys and professional services.

VoC Execution Gap in Contact Centers is Huge

Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs in contact centers have been around for more than twenty years. When you tally the analysts in the industry, they will tell you that only a small number of contact centers are reaching a state of maturity using the voice of the customer to generate actionable insight. They will [...]

How we avoided contact center survey shelfware

What does my 80-year old Navy SeaBee underwater welder father know about today’s contact center operations? Well, he seeks the most direct and smartest path to address a problem with the caveat that cheap can be expensive. Do it right, do it well, or do not do it. As I work with contact center management [...]

Stop the Freaking Customer Feedback

I am a dreamer and an optimistic person, but I am not blind to reality. I believe in the human spirit and that we can overcome obstacles. I have always been a defender of the weak and a fan of underdogs. I want to help people find greater success. I specifically want to help those [...]

Coach teenagers like you coach contact center agents

My only child turned 14 last week. You can likely relate to the way in which she can make this educated person feel pretty inept at times. All day long I use customer experience data to predict behavior and to provide fair and trusted performance evaluations for contact center agents. Wouldn’t it be nice if [...]

Are you a cool contact center manager?

Where is your cape? All of the cool contact center managers wear superman and superwoman capes. Why? Because they do it all for their company, for their customers, and for their agents. The everyday hero Sure it’s exhausting sometimes, but most of the time it’s just amazing what is accomplished every day by these Super Heroes. [...]

Why do customer experience leaders get promoted?

Another customer experience leader gets promoted and I have to start over again! I’ve lost count over the years of the number of managers who I work closely with to interpret the voice of the customer in their contact center – and then they are gone. I’m happy that they are promoted within the organization, [...]

What are common contact center survey questions?

If you've been asked to provide “voice of the customer” data to show what customers are actually saying, and how do agents actually impact the customer experience, then a post-call IVR survey can capture the data you need. Common Contact Center Survey Questions But what survey questions do you need to ask in order to [...]

10 Myths of Contact Center Surveying Revealed Webinar

It has been fun putting together the 10 Myths of Contact Center Surveying Revealed webinar because it seems as if I communicating the message to a younger me. Many of the falsehoods in contact center surveying were part of my belief system when I was a contact center manager. It's crazy to think about how [...]

Quality investments are like Granite Countertops

Have you ever built a new home? They say building a home is one of the most stressful activities you can ever undertake in life. I agree. It was one of the most stressful endeavors I ever had! There is a seemingly infinite number of decisions to be made. It’s not at all like taking [...]

Gaining control of your contact center surveys

The idea of Performance evaluation can strike fear in the most confident of individuals. So can contact center surveys. Do you remember what it feels like on the morning of an important test? A final exam? Or a presentation for that huge project? I remember very clearly the moments before my dissertation defense, thinking how [...]

Mind-blowing reality contact center agents share with doctors

In this video learn about Doctor Ava Knight and her plight with delivering the best patient (customer) experience. Ava became a doctor because she loves to help people, she loves to connect with people, she likes to build relationships, she likes to know she has made a difference in the lives of people. Ava shares [...]

Avoid the Hazards within the Quality Process

When I think about hazards in the quality process in contact centers I think back to when I was in school and the teacher broke the class into groups for a project. If you’re like me, you inevitably ended up doing the lion’s share of the assignment (to make sure it was done right!), only [...]

A sneak peek to the ICMI Call Center Demo and Conference in Atlanta

Jim Rembach, Chief Spokesman for Customer Relationship Metrics, is at ICMI’s Call Center Demo & Conference 2013 this week exhibiting CRMs newest developments in External Quality Monitoring and Internal Quality Monitoring techniques and tools for your contact center. The ICMI Call Center Demo and Conference 2013 brings together the largest network of contact center leaders [...]

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Don’t waste time on Voice of the Customer Programs

This article was created from the Customer Insights to Action (CIA) Bulletin Newsletter; subscribe.  Dr. Jodie, we want to implement a Voice of the Customer survey program in our contact center but we aren’t sure where to start.  What do you suggest?   - Arnold H. Click to view larger image Thanks for your [...]

5 reasons NOT to create a VOC program

There are significantly more than five reasons why you do not want to create a voice of the customer program, but we have to start somewhere. My reasons for saying that you do not want a voice of the customer program are based on what I have learned (and continue to learn) over the past [...]

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Internal Quality Monitoring is unable to answer the quality question

Do you want to know if internal quality monitoring (iQM) scores help you to answer, what was the customer experience? You are continuously asked how well the contact center is serving the customer – how well is service delivered to customers who call to resolve a problem or to ask a question? In many contact centers, they [...]

What scale should I use for my customer satisfaction surveys?

When selecting the best customer satisfaction survey scale to use, the decision should be driven by several key points: What is the methodology for the measurement project? What is the intended use for the results? What are the best analytics to accurately interpret the results? What is the methodology for the customer experience measurement project? The research [...]

Are you earning that high post-call survey score?

I have recently overheard discussions around creative ways to improve a company’s customer satisfaction ratings from their External Quality Monitoring program using a post-call survey methodology. “How can we break that 95%+ glass ceiling in customer satisfaction ratings?” “Why couldn’t the agent ask the customer at the end of each call if they have done [...]

How much does office culture affect customer satisfaction?

Culture. A popular buzz word across corporate America; but what does it mean and why is it so important? Hofstede, Namenwirth and Weber defined culture as “A system of values and norms that are shared among a group of people and that when taken together constitute a design for living.” Based on their definition, in [...]

Scrimping in the call center can cost you

When is enough, enough?  During these lean economic times companies, like many households, are trying to do more with less.  At what point does all of that scrimping and saving end up costing the company more?  Let’s take head count and span of control for instance.  In our example company, the External Quality Monitoring program using [...]