External Quality Monitoring

//External Quality Monitoring

External Quality Monitoring (EQM) is Customer Relationship Metrics’ most popular customer experience analytics program. The EQM program is a fully managed services program that combines survey calibration, real-time surveys and professional services.

All you have to do is listen to your customers

Voice of the Customer; a catch phrase commonly uttered in offices around the globe. But what does it mean exactly? Where does it come from? How does a business decipher constructive (and valuable) feedback from noise?  It is not uncommon to hear a manager say that you need to listen to the voice of the [...]

Selling for service improves customer experiences in contact centers

I was setting up my electricity for my new house and the provider offered to connect me to a third party that could coordinate my move and offer me discounts at home improvement stores.  How convenient!   The third party compared rates of the two local TV/Phone/Internet providers so I was able to also schedule those [...]

Reducing volume in your call center is simple, hide your number

I recently had a small issue with Verizon that I wasn’t able to resolve on the web site.  Not a big deal. But when clicked on ‘Contact Us’ and then ‘By Phone’, instead of giving me the phone number, I was met with a pop-up window that said:  “We're sorry...we are not able to process [...]

Call center agent empowerment leads to customer satisfaction and customer retention

How many of you remember getting a gold star from your teacher for good work or good behavior?  I remember thinking that the tiny little symbol filled me with a sense of pride for a job well done.  What we find over and over again in our External Quality Monitoring programs is that call center agents [...]