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Net Promoter Score analytics evaluates any given company’s customers grouped as promoters, detractors or passives based on how likely those customers are to recommend said company.

What measurement is best? Net Promoter Score, CSAT, Customer Effort

Which one is best? What should you use? In this briefing I discuss Net Promoter Score®, CSAT, Customer Effort, and more. Which is the best measurement to use? What do you think? Net Promoter, CSAT, Customer Effort: Should you Worry? You know I often get asked: "What is the best customer experience metric to use?" [...]

Improving Net Promoter Score using Speech Analytics

Improving Net Promoter Score using Speech Analytics Show of hands, how many of you are happy with using NetPromoter for your customer experience? Studies show very few are happy with it at the business level. But C-level executives like it so you’re stuck with it. What do you do? In this video learn how you [...]

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Moneyball inspiration for contact center leaders

In baseball as in business, some of the greatest success stories lie with the individuals that thought outside the box.  In the movie Moneyball, we find Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt), the General Manager that famously made the Oakland A’s one of the most cost-efficient and winning teams out there.  Beane did not have [...]