“The science of analysis” or how an entity (i.e., business) arrives at an optimal or realistic decision based on existing data.

Internal Quality Monitoring is unable to answer the quality question

Do you want to know if internal quality monitoring (iQM) scores help you to answer, what was the customer experience? You are continuously asked how well the contact center is serving the customer – how well is service delivered to customers who call to resolve a problem or to ask a question? In many contact centers, they [...]

Is building a survey core competency a good idea?

“Do you think building another core competency such as surveying is a good idea?” is a self-assessment question that was included in the 25 Mistakes to Avoid with Post-call IVR Surveys eBook and self-assessment. Since inventing post-call IVR surveying for contact centers over 20 years ago, we have seen many examples of program plans that [...]

Does your survey process protect agents from vulgar customer comments?

“Did you fail to put in a process that prevents agents from receiving vulgar and obscene comments?” is a question that was included in the 25 Mistakes to Avoid with Post-call IVR Surveys eBook and self-assessment located in our resource library for contact center leaders. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience accumulated over the [...]

What scale should I use for my customer satisfaction surveys?

When selecting the best customer satisfaction survey scale to use, the decision should be driven by several key points: What is the methodology for the measurement project? What is the intended use for the results? What are the best analytics to accurately interpret the results? What is the methodology for the customer experience measurement project? The research [...]

Why isn’t your customer experience program a top priority?

You probably made your customer experience program a top priority five short months ago when you sat down to make your New Year’s resolutions for your contact centers. Let’s do a gut check…did the priority to better your customer experience program fall by the way side just like your resolution of a smaller waistline? I’m [...]

Does your current post-call IVR survey prevent collecting multiple customer comments?

“Does your current post-call IVR survey prevent you from collecting multiple customer comments?” is one of the 26 items outlined in the 25 Mistakes to Avoid with Post-call IVR Surveys e-book and self-assessment. There’s a bonus item to make the total 26. Answer the diagnostic assessment questions to uncover issues with your own post-call survey program. You [...]

Does your VoC program take a shortcut and skip Survey Calibration?

If your data goes directly to the reporting platform from collection without Survey Calibration then expect your final Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to be riddled with erroneous information. Every post-call IVR survey needs to be evaluated in a survey calibration process because there are always occurrences of the customer not answering the questions [...]

The customer expectation will damage your brand

Recently two highly-publicized customer expectations lawsuits have been in the news; one for Anheuser-Busch misrepresenting the alcohol content in a variety of its beers and the other with Subway’s foot-long sandwiches for coming up short. In both cases the customer expectations were clearly set and advertised (Subway’s $5 foot-long sandwich deal and Anheuser-Busch light beers [...]

Hidden Risks with Post-Call IVR Surveys Stealth Mode

Stealth mode or automated transfers in post-call IVR surveying in contact centers has some hidden problems that you must be aware of if you want to experience success.

Web Experience Survey Mistake #1 – Trying to Measure WAY too much!

My bank sent me a survey invitation after I logged into my account to review my mortgage. I was happy to click on the survey link to discuss my satisfaction with the online experience.  After about 6 minutes of clicking through the pages of questions, I had to give up.  Time to respond to the [...]

Customer Relationship Metrics’ Most Comical Contact Center Stories

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the serious, so let’s look back at some of our funniest stories.  Wild, 10+ hour customer experience calls, dissatisfied customers completely destroying brick-and-mortar stores, customer service terrorists going on multi-social channel rants --- these are just some of our most shockingly true and amusing stories, and we [...]

Post-call IVR surveys: the key to call center process improvement

The only effective way to capture the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is through post-call IVR surveys, where results are able to tap into the genuine experiences customers have with a product or service. The knowledge shared by the customer, and thereby gained and analyzed by the company, can lead to powerful change for the future [...]

The Best of Knuggets and Knuckleheads: Post-call IVR Surveys

You know that capturing post-call customer feedback is critical to your business.  It allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the customer, uncover problem products, agent issues, service faults and organizational barriers.  Additionally, it reveals the positive in what is working, who is performing at high levels and quantifies how the customer [...]

2012 Year in Review: Top 10 Post-call IVR Survey Mistakes

It’s that time of year again when we all begin to reflect on the past year and make resolutions about the things we want to change in the coming year.  I hope you are as excited as I am about all the possibilities the new year could bring. Many organizations are doing things right.  And [...]

You cannot skip Survey Calibration in your customer experience VoC programs

Customer experience data is powerful if you know how to unlock its valuable insights and make it actionable. If your organization wants to gain employee and company engagement, and create customer-centric environments, then it is critical to use survey calibration in your Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs. When you are looking at specific customer [...]

Obama Wins and a big data lesson for the customer experience

Analytics predicted an Obama win, and it’s a Big Data lesson for all customer experience and contact center professionals. Before the votes were cast, New York Times blogger Nate Silver predicted, with 90%+ confidence, that Obama would win the election. He did this while billions of dollars were spent on old methods of people calling [...]

The research proves it…we cannot wait to measure the customer experience

A 2002 Harvard Business Review article stated that after a year, customers who were surveyed regarding satisfaction with a service interaction (with a financial institution) were more than three times as likely to open a NEW account, less than half as likely to defect and were more profitable than consumers who had not been surveyed [...]

Emotional decisions will cost you thousands without Customer Experience Analytics

It is human nature to make emotional decisions based on nothing more than a reaction to a feeling, even if it is irrational.  In business, emotional decisions made every day without thorough customer experience analysis to support them is costing you tens of thousands of wasted dollars. How do you know? How do you know [...]

Innovations in Mystery Calling would excite Sherlock Holmes

If Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were alive today, he would have written a story for Sherlock Holmes that would cause everybody in the world to rethink mystery calling for call center interactions. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote fifty-six short stories and four novels about Sherlock Holmes. The first was published in 1887. In my opinion, [...]

What is Survey Calibration?

I have seen various claims that estimate the money lost to dead-end voice of the customer programs. The losses range from 60%-91% of all money that is invested - gone, lost, wasted. Considering the global dollars spent on voice of the customer programs is in the billions, the amount lost is staggering. In just about [...]

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