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Call center benchmarking is a phrase used to describe the process of comparing performance to and against others. Call center benchmarking is done in a variety of different ways.

Does your return policy ultimately affect customer experience and satisfaction?

I recently ordered two wall hangings for my child’s room and they showed up damaged.  I was undecided about the picture situation, but since I bought them so cheaply on clearance ($5!) I decided against the hassle to return them.  The store’s customer service rep told me I would have to the store in person, [...]

Is your IVR hurting your customer service?

After a very frustrating call trying to navigate my way through a certain furniture company’s IVR system, I couldn’t help but think, “Who the heck is this IVR system designed for?”  The choices didn’t seem to match up with any common problems that might prompt someone to call (assembly instructions, lost shipment, damaged products/returns, etc.) [...]

Creative customer service wins every time

We’re told all the time to ‘think outside the box’.  In school it meant looking at a passage in a book to see the symbolism; that the words were more than mere words.  In the call center it means something as simple as creatively solving a customer’s problems. I recently tried to book a summer [...]

Your contact center agents have an expiration date

Did you ever think your agents have an expiration date? Many of us in call centers chase the holy grail of higher agent tenure, assuming that agents will use the additional knowledge and experience attained through tenure to better serve customers. The unfortunate reality, according to customers, the more tenured agents don’t deliver a better customer [...]

Who knows when call center agents burnout first?

My friend Julie has taken call after call as an agent for nearly 10 years. I have it on good authority that Julie is one of the best agents out there, but it’s been my experience that Julie is the exception and not the rule. Do you think Julie and other call center agents burnout [...]

Does cheap drive your short-term decisions or your long-term customer loyalty?

I think the expression I use most frequently is, “cheap can be expensive”.  Sometimes when you’re out scouring for a deal you lose sight of that fact that good service is often rolled into the cost of a name brand.  What you may save on the initial price of an off-brand item may cost you [...]

Is your Business Intelligence delivering ‘the goods’ like this?

In serving the product support space during this time of conflicting paradigms, Customer Relationship Metrics has encouraged its business partners to heavily scrutinize the ways they choose to do business – everything from their business rules, to their back-office processes to the ways in which they communicate with customers and relationship management strategies. Most notably, this increased focus on the customer satisfaction and the use of customer intelligence analytics has also resulted in greater profitability and market-share for our business partners – a perfect win-win situation in an environment where this would not be expected!

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