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A call center agent is the person who handles incoming or outgoing customer calls for a business such as account inquiries, customer complaints or support issues.

Social media in the call center

As a call center professional, you have come to expect, accept, and perhaps even thrive on the fact that this is an ever-changing business environment.  This is a world where getting to the end of your task list is something similar to reaching the end of the rainbow to find the pot-of-gold.  For many of [...]

Are your post-call surveys used for business intelligence or to beat up call center agents?

Are your post-call surveys considered to be business intelligence?  Let’s be honest, are we always ready for that honesty?  Or are you asking in such a way that you only get positive comments? Or to just beat up call center agents? What we’ve found is that most programs are destructive or met with apathy. The [...]

How to stop problem products from effecting your brand

If you are in the business of consumer products, problems are bound to happen.   When a problem with a product surfaces, the first call your customers make is to your call center for customer service.  As you review the analysis of your post-call survey customer comments, you will notice trends which may help identify a [...]

Managing the ever-demanding customer expectations

As a mother, wife, business owner, board member and the wearer of many other hats, I am constantly managing expectations.  If I do not set the proper expectations with all of the different people in my life, I will certainly disappoint someone somewhere.  Once I set expectations, I also must manage them. There are millions [...]

How NOT “Holding” Call Center Agents Accountable Improves Performance

What’s wrong with holding call center agents accountable? Accountability is a good thing. Isn’t it? At the very least, it sure is a popular word in leadership circles. Next time you’re around a gathering of call center leaders, listen to the conversation for a while and you are sure to hear the question…. “What one [...]

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Remote Call Center Agents Damage Net Promoter Score: A Case Study

This call center case study highlights the challenges one organization faced after transitioning from in an house call center to a remote call center agent (work at home agents) model.  Hear some best practices to avoiding failures in your call center like voice of the customer, voice of the employee, and call center performance metrics.  The [...]

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GenY is Avoiding the Call Center as a Career

Sodexo Motivation Solutions released the results of its new survey highlighting Generation Y’s (employees aged 16 to 28) perceptions of working. The survey finds that GenY is not loyal to their current positions, with more than half believe they will leave their jobs within a year.  The study also reveals they are not likely to [...]

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New advancement in training: Just throw ‘em under the bus!

As part of our customer intelligence services, I take our business partners through the analysis of their survey results on a monthly basis.  A common first question is often “Why is satisfaction with the company so much lower than satisfaction with the agent?”  My answer is always, “for many reasons!”  Agents are engaged in their [...]

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All-star Agents and their secret game time strategy

In some shape or form, at work or at home, we all want to be all-stars, right?  At least I think most of us do.  Call center agents, who value their jobs as well as the organization they work for and take pride in delivering top notch customer service, consistently strive for this achievement.  These [...]

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Avoid Call Center Schizophrenia from Pay for Performance – Part 2 of a 2-Part Blog Series

Whenever I have an opportunity to visit a business partner’s call center, I take a few minutes to conduct a rather un-scientific test, call it morbid curiosity.  As I pass by cubicles and am introduced to call center staff, I always ask how agent performance is assessed.  To me, the variety of responses I hear [...]

Avoid Call Center Schizophrenia from Pay for Performance – Part 1 of a 2-Part Blog Series

When reflecting on the life inside a call center, it’s easy to believe that we are patients that are often not medicated to control our delusions. Not only is it insanely intense, it is also a place of constant contradiction. We often have expectations of our employees and our call center agents to adhere to a specific model intended to produce a controlled response (a great service experience). In the same breath, we also expect that model to produce the opposite results (do it fast, right and cheap). Isn’t this setting your team up to feel schizophrenic? In the Pay for Performance model, call center agents are being paid based on metrics such as number of calls handled and number of minutes spent on those calls. This is the expectation set forth. At the end of the month, organizations are left scratching their heads as to why customer satisfaction scores are so low. This 2-Part series will dive into the schizophrenic world of Pay for Performance and introduce a model that works much better in the call center world.

Work-at-Home Agents Damage Net Promoter and Customer Satisfaction. Is this Preventable? A Call Center Case Study

Work-at-home call center agents perform worse at net promoter and customer satisfaction. What went wrong and how to prevent it. To take advantage of this growing trend requires a different way of thinking and relationship analytics to correct your course.

Innovative New Models for Managing Customer Contact Agents

I recently had the opportunity to facilitate a session titled, “Innovative New Models for Managing Customer Contact Agents” . This was a 90-minute workshop that provided attendees the chance to collaborate with one another to rethink the way they operate their contact center. The objective was to create an environment that is more inspirational, innovative, and filled with happy [...]

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Affectionate Callers – Propositions, a Date, or is it Praise?

Did you ever think your customers would be so happy with the service provided by your call center agents that you could start a dating service?  Well believe it or not, these customers were so moved by the quality of their care, they actually asked the call center representatives out on dates.  No really, it [...]

Angry Customers Call – On the Verge of a Social Media War

Even in knucklehead comments there are ‘knuggets’ of wisdom to be gained.  The pattern of customer feedback uncovers indications of poor products, dissatisfaction with service in general  or with an individual call center agent’s performance and some, well,  just give insight as to how humans can react when they become an “Angry Customer.” “You guys [...]

Necessary Steps to Avoid Consumer Terrorism to Your Organization

The old saying is true, “Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster.” When it comes to your customers, tales of a bad experience spread like wildfire.   You better believe that an unhappy customer is telling everyone they know about their ordeal.  Family, friends, colleagues at work, strangers in line at the grocery store, anyone [...]

Call Center Agents Create Happy Customers

In our debut issue of “Knuggets and Knuckleheads,” we thought it would be appropriate to start off on a positive (Knugget) note.  It’s always nice to hear from happy customers regarding call center agent performance, and well, these folks are certainly happy. We collected these while conducting work for our call center clients with our [...]