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Techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data, to support better business decision-making in the call center or contact center.

Customer Effort Analytics Executive Summary

In this on-demand briefing Jessica Gordon with Frost & Sullivan interviews Jim Rembach on effort analytics and the three most important takeaways from member webcast. Jessica asks what currently counts in call centers and how are companies measuring and optimizing their centers for more profitable customer interactions and better customer experiences. Watch the Inside Customer Effort [...]

What is analytics outsourcing?

In the past 15 years the success in outsourcing business process operations has encouraged many firms to start outsourcing their high-end knowledge processing work such as data analytics to skilled and experienced service firms. Since data analytics helps solve complex business problems by analyzing data and generating useful business insights. Analytics outsourcing has helped several organizations leverage the power [...]

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Call Center Analytics Revealed Case Study

Get an Insiders view to Business Intelligence and Call Center Analytics In this complimentary case study and ebook Call Center Analytics Revealed: Why Technology is not Your Actionable Business Intelligence Panacea, get an insiders view into the world of business intelligence and call center analytics. Is call center analytics the silver bullet it’s promised to be? Is [...]

Customer Experience BIG DATA Dysfunction

Includes a Customer Experience BIG DATA Dysfunction Self-Assessment Can you identify the root causes of your customer experience big data dysfunction? Everybody has it and in this free white paper and self-assessment, you learn about data conversion disorder and why it is so important to your present and future. Get an insiders look into the [...]

When Retaining Customers is worse than Defecting Customers

You are a bad customer. We are all bad customers…now. Or we at least have greater potential to be bad customers. Many years ago, we were able to avoid being a bad customer, but those days are gone. And being a bad customer has become worse than being a defecting customer. A more social world [...]

How many different types of customers do you serve?

Have you ever stopped to determine how many different types of customers you need to serve? The importance of having this type of customer insight became even more clear to me when I read an article written by the editor for Harpers Wine & Spirit, Richard Siddle. In the article, he summarized a recent study [...]

Neither Qualitative NOR Quantitative VoC Data Works

Most VoC programs utilize only quantitative measures. This is not particularly surprising. Researchers and analysts tend to take a great many statistics classes and, as such, specialize in the manipulation of numbers. But quantitative voice of the customer data is not enough to be successful with customer experience management. It is rare to find a [...]

Skyrocketing contact center investments not fueled by costs

Proving that your quality program contributes a positive ROI often times feels like searching for the Holy Grail with your contact center investments. On the surface, the question “can you prove that your quality program produces a positive ROI?” sounds simple. If not simple, at least do-able. But, the answer to this question is anything [...]

Contact Center Resources for Marketing Professionals

All of the brand promises developed by marketing professionals can be fulfilled, broken, or discovered in the contact center. More and more marketing professionals are taking keen interest in the operation and insights that can be captured in contact centers. Moments of truth, magic moments, defining moments, tipping points, perceptions, expectations, and recovery can all [...]

Marketing Attacks Ambush the Customer Experience

Preventing marketing attacks from ambushing the customer experience The concept of guiding patronage behavior can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece and in the print media back to the 1600s. I’m sure you’ve felt the impact of an effective marketing campaign and can personally attest to the success of such efforts on [...]

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Is the Marketing Department your call center survey support group?

“Is the Marketing Department your call center survey support group?” is one of the self- assessment items in the 25 Mistakes to Avoid with Post-call IVR Surveys. This eBook consists of items designed to highlight attributes that are barriers to a successful customer experience measurement program. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience accumulated over [...]

Why selling in service contact centers fails and how to fix it

When you think of a typical salesperson what comes to mind? Do you immediately conjure up visions of multi-colored flags, ‘zero-money down’ signs, and some sleaze-bag car salesman telling you to buy the over-priced lemon of your dreams? The term, salesperson, quickly makes us imagine this derogatory image, something that we do not want to [...]

When is the right time to ask your customers to be customers again after Hurricane Sandy?

Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast and changed the immediate futures of many.  Focus will no doubt shift from extravagant extras to just rebuilding the necessities. For many local businesses looking to rebuild as well and turning to their loyal customers and the commitments made prior to this unthinkable disaster, you have to wonder when is [...]

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Obama Wins and a big data lesson for the customer experience

Analytics predicted an Obama win, and it’s a Big Data lesson for all customer experience and contact center professionals. Before the votes were cast, New York Times blogger Nate Silver predicted, with 90%+ confidence, that Obama would win the election. He did this while billions of dollars were spent on old methods of people calling [...]

Text analytics makes the most of consumer data

I recently wrote a blog post focused on how companies are using social CRM.  Everyone seems to be using social customer service to gauge customer sentiment, manage product and service issues, and follow up with customer service complaints. The focus on social media strategies is overwhelming to many organizations but of even more significant is [...]

Five landmines for CRM professionals to avoid

This month, I had the opportunity to write an article for 1to1 Magazine about the top issues that CRM professionals will come up against this year. I focused on five points: Short-term cost-cutting hurts long-term growth. New technologies making new skills necessary for call center employees. Corporate arrogance hampering growth. Unnecessarily difficult relationships with vendors [...]

Social Media Business Intelligence is now available

As you may have noticed, we've been talking a lot this month about social media, and how it fits in with business intelligence and customer service. And that's for good reason -- more and more companies are trying to figure out how to navigate and take advantage of these (still relatively new) channels. In response [...]

What is Business Intelligence?

Unless you’ve been actively hiding from all forms of media for the past few years, you’ve heard about business intelligence.  A Google search of the term yields more than 120 million results.  So what is Business Intelligence?  Business Intelligence is the practice of using Big Data to gain insight and drive change within an organization.  [...]

Your quick start to the customer experience gold mine

Mining and analyzing customer comments to understand sentiment is no longer a wish. It’s a must. Based on years of experience, I suspect many of you are like the business partners I work with: you understand the value of the activity, would love to be able to get your hands on the insight, but don’t [...]

Moneyball inspiration for contact center leaders

In baseball as in business, some of the greatest success stories lie with the individuals that thought outside the box.  In the movie Moneyball, we find Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt), the General Manager that famously made the Oakland A’s one of the most cost-efficient and winning teams out there.  Beane did not have [...]