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Techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data, to support better business decision-making in the call center or contact center.

When you cut headcount is your customer experience bleeding?

I recently had to call the post office’s customer service number regarding a change of address form that got screwed up.  Monday I waited on hold for 15 minutes and finally hung up.  Tuesday, the same deal.  I finally physically went down to my local post office on Wednesday to deal with the mess in [...]

Tips to prevent creating your own contact center analytics shelfware

Recently, I walked into my classroom for the upcoming term and braced myself for the exasperating questions that seemingly every class insists on asking:  “Will you be sending out lecture notes after class?”, “will this be on the test?”, and “why do I have to take this [any variation of math] class?”  The answers to [...]

Is your call center being setup for failure by your marketing department?

Targeting customers with the right message at the right time and getting that message into the hands of a decision maker is one of best ways to gain new customers and to upsell current customers on new products and services.  Unfortunately for many companies, they fail miserably (unintentionally for sure) in their marketing efforts and [...]

Trash the Canned Emails in Your Call Center

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a blog entitled Self-serve: Cheap can be very expensive about the high customer experience cost of the self-serve model. Imagine my delight to see a recently published study conducted by TSIA and Coveo supporting Customer Relationship Metrics’ conclusion. Among the study’s findings was the fact that while voice and [...]

Do you need Steve Jobs to do your Call Center Analytics?

The success of any Business Intelligence project is contingent upon people, not technology. Analysts and end users must work in concert to ask a concise question, identify the data available to answer that question and, validate interpretation of analytic outputs in context of the business environment.   From there, the subject-matter experts (statisticians, data analysts, data miners, [...]

Great web content is key, but does anyone know it’s there?

Aren’t we all focused on enhancing the customer experience using our web sites to handle common customer service issues and questions to help reduce call center costs (headcount, resources, etc.)?  What I find to be a bit of sad irony is that while time and energy is being spent to beef up web site content, [...]

Creative customer service wins every time

We’re told all the time to ‘think outside the box’.  In school it meant looking at a passage in a book to see the symbolism; that the words were more than mere words.  In the call center it means something as simple as creatively solving a customer’s problems. I recently tried to book a summer [...]

How to deliver bad news to smart meter customers

The deployment of smart meters has generated a tidal wave of data for utilities to manage and beyond the initial data storage challenge, there exist real questions about how to use and share this information with consumers.   In an article published on back in 2009, Jack Danahy estimated that 140 million smart meters installed [...]

Are customers listening to your ‘marketing’?

How many of you still get solicitation phone calls at dinner time? Or odd offers via US mail? It seems like our personal data is being bought and sold to substantially more companies for “marketing” purposes. I use the term “marketing” very loosely because what they are doing is not marketing. I get stacks of [...]

You vs. your competition, head-to-head, how’d you do?

A few weeks ago I had a mishap with an electronic billpay that brought together - and then set apart -three financial institutions.  Admittedly, I made a mistake in creating the electronic payment request.  My local bank generated a physical check rather than transferring the funds via ACH (Automated Clearing House), and sent it on [...]

Where did all of the smart call center agents go?

The other day I was talking to one of our long-time clients and she said, “Jodie, we’re running out of people that know stuff here.” I hung up the phone and thought simpler and truer words have never been spoken. Where did all of the smart call center agents go? The skilled-labor shortage is at [...]

Your contact center agents have an expiration date

Did you ever think your agents have an expiration date? Many of us in call centers chase the holy grail of higher agent tenure, assuming that agents will use the additional knowledge and experience attained through tenure to better serve customers. The unfortunate reality, according to customers, the more tenured agents don’t deliver a better customer [...]

Are bad brand licensing agreements souring your brand image?

How many of you read the owner’s manual before trying out your new hedge-trimmer/Blu-Ray player/ceiling fan/blender?  How many of you have ever read an owner’s manual? I have files full of pristine manuals just in case I need them one day.  I’m pretty sure somewhere in those files is an owner’s manual for a double [...]

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Social media in the call center

As a call center professional, you have come to expect, accept, and perhaps even thrive on the fact that this is an ever-changing business environment.  This is a world where getting to the end of your task list is something similar to reaching the end of the rainbow to find the pot-of-gold.  For many of [...]

Socially inept: When the wrong social media channels affect your brand

Social media is no doubt a viable communication channel in customer relationship management, but how it’s used separates the successes from the failures.  How many call centers appropriately evaluate and implement the social channels their customers really want to use, versus what they think their customers want?  And beyond the channels themselves, how many call [...]

Are your post-call surveys used for business intelligence or to beat up call center agents?

Are your post-call surveys considered to be business intelligence?  Let’s be honest, are we always ready for that honesty?  Or are you asking in such a way that you only get positive comments? Or to just beat up call center agents? What we’ve found is that most programs are destructive or met with apathy. The [...]

Stop focusing wrong in your contact center

In the contact center we are very good at measuring stuff, especially stuff about agents! I’d be hard-pressed to think of another profession where every minute, every word, decision and action is scrutinized. But we do it all for our customers, right? Are you sure? It's time you stop focusing wrong. I work with a [...]

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Learn How to Become a Speech Analytics Analyst in 30-Days or Less

In addition to reading this article about becoming a speech analytics analyst, you should also check out the video series Speech Analytics Best Practices.  Jim Rembach, discusses the importance of identifying the key personnel required for a successful Business Intelligence implementation and the traits or attributes of these personnel: 1.   Analytic / math skills, 2.   [...]

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The whole IS greater then the sum of its call center parts

Imagine this scenario:  Some time ago you purchased an electronic gizmo and its product protection plan at a national retail chain.  Now your gizmo is acting all goofy and you want it fixed and quickly (you’ve become rather attached to your gizmo)!  You call the toll-free number, successfully navigate the IVR the first time around, [...]

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