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Techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data, to support better business decision-making in the call center or contact center.

3 Call center mistakes that could kill your business

There are actually a lot more than three call center metrics that can kill your business. I often get opportunities to help clients identify problems they were innocently unaware of that lead to solving problems they were aware of. Working with metrics often results in situation like this. It is fun to help clients identify problems they didn’t even know [...]

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Remote Call Center Agents Damage Net Promoter Score: A Case Study

This call center case study highlights the challenges one organization faced after transitioning from in an house call center to a remote call center agent (work at home agents) model.  Hear some best practices to avoiding failures in your call center like voice of the customer, voice of the employee, and call center performance metrics.  The [...]

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Customer Satisfaction is a Sales Predictor: Do it right or you won’t get to do it again

Inconsistencies between customer buyer experiences and customer service experience lower the customer’s perception of the retailer and damage the perception of the brand. How can you insure you are consistent with your customers across all channels?

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Hey CFO, where will you outsource to now?

One of my most-memorable offshore customer-service experiences involves a Fortune 100 direct-to-consumer computer company.  My power cord had stopped delivering power to my laptop, making it a fairly large (and expensive) paperweight.  I called the toll free number, ordered a new power cord, validated my shipping address and willingly paid for express delivery. A few [...]

New results for the the age-old question: “What keeps Call Center Professionals awake at night?”

At the recent Customer Contact Frost & Sullivan Event, we gathered data from top level executives from the call center industry and conducted an analysis to uncover what keeps them awake at night in regards to reducing the cost of Internal Quality Monitoring (IQM), increasing employee engagement and improving First Call Resolution (FCR).

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“We got calls in Queue!” How Call Center Agents “should” respond to longer wait times…a Case Study in Call Center Analytics

Using the right Call Center Analytic tools can result in Business Intelligence to help enhance customer centricity by delivering key insights for call center agent coaching, call monitoring and training priorities in your call center.

Delivering our Thought Leadership through New Channels

For over 20 years, Customer Relationship Metrics has brought thought leadership and Voice of the Customer measurement  expertise to the call center industry.  We have partnered with our clients to increase their customer satisfaction, agent performance, and build retention and loyalty. As we turn the page on the next chapter for CRM, we are excited [...]

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