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Call center operations is the set of business rules, business processes, and procedures needed to run a call center.

Why contact center leaders feel like punching bags and how to fight back

Contact centers are staffed with nice people who easily become punching bags. These people are ready and willing to answer questions and serve internal (in addition to external) customer needs. If you say jump, these kind contact center agents simply ask, how high? It is becoming more widely accepted that the contact center is the [...]

Why selling in service contact centers fails and how to fix it

When you think of a typical salesperson what comes to mind? Do you immediately conjure up visions of multi-colored flags, ‘zero-money down’ signs, and some sleaze-bag car salesman telling you to buy the over-priced lemon of your dreams? The term, salesperson, quickly makes us imagine this derogatory image, something that we do not want to [...]

How to safeguard against customer experience inconsistencies in your call center

Have you ever been disappointed going to a restaurant based on a friend’s recommendation but the great food and service they raved about, and you expected, was just the opposite? I don’t know what’s worse, having the bad experience or lying to your friend so their feelings are not hurt. Unfortunately, the same disappointment happens [...]

Do you have a rule to keep your post-call IVR surveys very short?

“Do you have a rule to keep the survey very short?” is a question that was included in the 25 Mistakes to Avoid with Post-call IVR Surveys ebook and self-assessment. The ebook and self-assessment contains numerous diagnostic questions to help you to identify many of the common mistakes companies make when implementing post-call IVR survey [...]

Designing the perfect call center manager – The next phase

Aside from a knowledgeable, agent-friendly, capable leader at the helm of your call center, what else goes into designing the ideal prototype for a call center manager? You need someone with savvy business acumen to navigate through the ever-changing business landscape.  Think about the best boss you’ve ever had:  did s/he have the expertise to [...]

Crafting the perfect Call Center Manager

If you could create the perfect call center manager, what would he or she look like?  Specifically, what traits or management styles would s/he have?  What attitudes or knowledge would s/he bring to the table?  While you find some of your perfect traits during the interview process, it is difficult to find all of the [...]

Your parents put you in the call center

As you look around the office at your coworkers out there in the cubicle farm, do you ever find yourself wondering how you ended up in your chair?  Do you think you have anything in common with them?  What brought you all to the call center industry?  It has to be some kind of gravitational pull [...]

Are unneccessary calls hiking up customer experience dysfunction?

What are your callers thinking about when they spend minute after minute on hold to speak to an agent?  Probably among the thoughts would be ‘what’s taking so long’?  Studies show that up to half of all customer service calls are unnecessarily placed due to high organizational dysfunction. A communication misstep within the customer service [...]

What is Social Media Customer Service?

Social Media Customer Service (or Social Media Customer Care) is not customer service that supports how to use Social Media or answers what is Social Media.  Social Media Customer Service is about customers being served and supported on social media platforms. To help clear up some of the confusion many will just shorten it to Social [...]

When your service fails, where do your customers go for self-service?

Here’s a hint:  it’s not your company’s web site. We’ve all been there.  Frustration after a poor IVR or call center agent experience makes it seem simpler to go online to see if you can solve your product or service questions yourself.  Studies show that frustrated customers turn to social media channels to look for [...]

Just how much customer experience dysfunction am I paying for here?

Last week I told you about my alarm vs. phone company customer experience drama and raised the question of what part of each dollar spent on your products and services is needed to fund your company’s dysfunction.  I bet it’s more than you thought. To last week’s point, I just received my phone bill.  I [...]

As the ball drops this New Year’s, don’t drop it again with customers in 2012

Tis the time of year when we’re all making resolutions both personally and professionally.  This year, pledge to halt the risk to your organization by not effectively analyzing customer feedback and conversations.  Your path is unclear and even treacherous without this necessary business intelligence.  If you are not able to prove how these customer analytics [...]

What top three failures in your customer experience program are killing you?

Customer sentiment and text analytics are all the rage these days, as organizations aim to differentiate themselves from the competition with the only thing they have left: service. These activities can make the difference between an organization that thrives and one that crumbles against the competition. But in order to experience the values and gains, [...]

Do your call scripts make call center agents better or dumb?

Guidelines and talking points sound different to customers than do call-controlling scripts.  A call center agent who sounds like an advocate or advisor because they naturally converse (what they are told to say), deliver a better customer experience.  With your effort to help agents connect with the caller or to control the content of the [...]

Is your call center short-term focused and long-term blind like Wall Street?

I think more than anything where we fail in customer service, both in the call center and out, is the follow-up. We put great importance on the quick fix, to speedily get the caller off the phone to address the next caller in queue. Being long-term blind like Wall Street, we worry about short-term metrics [...]

Your agents are only as good as the processes behind them; so what’s wrong with your processes?

Being in the industry makes me hyper sensitive to call center service when I am a caller.  I’d classify myself as a good customer because I try to set them up to be successful.  I try to never raise my voice and I always remember that they are only as good the processes that are [...]

Tips to prevent creating your own contact center analytics shelfware

Recently, I walked into my classroom for the upcoming term and braced myself for the exasperating questions that seemingly every class insists on asking:  “Will you be sending out lecture notes after class?”, “will this be on the test?”, and “why do I have to take this [any variation of math] class?”  The answers to [...]

Are customer testimonials abundant in your call center?

As much as 80% of all customer interactions in North America take place via contact centers.  So needless to say since, Customer Relationship Metrics provides a service that enables customers to grade calls, we have an abundance of insights into bad customer experiences (since angry customers speak up loudly).  But don’t forget, good customer experiences are [...]

Is your call center equipped to quickly respond to negative social media?

When was the last time you woke up and thought, “I can’t wait to have a relationship with my utility company today!”  Probably never. The truth is, most people don’t care about having a relationship with your company until they’re unhappy with your products and services.  Then they can’t wait to tell their friends and [...]

Reducing volume in your call center is simple, hide your number

I recently had a small issue with Verizon that I wasn’t able to resolve on the web site.  Not a big deal. But when clicked on ‘Contact Us’ and then ‘By Phone’, instead of giving me the phone number, I was met with a pop-up window that said:  “We're sorry...we are not able to process [...]