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Call center operations is the set of business rules, business processes, and procedures needed to run a call center.

Do you need Steve Jobs to do your Call Center Analytics?

The success of any Business Intelligence project is contingent upon people, not technology. Analysts and end users must work in concert to ask a concise question, identify the data available to answer that question and, validate interpretation of analytic outputs in context of the business environment.   From there, the subject-matter experts (statisticians, data analysts, data miners, [...]

Call centers don’t want your support; they can’t handle it

We’re taught from a young age to ‘love thy neighbor’, to be a conscientious citizen, to do  the right thing.  But often what we find is that some call centers aren't equipped to deal with help from customers.  They have a very strong culture overly focused on cost reduction (speed) and have processes to follow, [...]

Quality Monitoring Calibration the Worst Call Center Common Practice

An ebook titled Eliminating the Worst Call Center Practice: Quality Monitoring Calibration, is an extraordinary and unprecedented look into one of the most utilized processes in a call center. This ebook exposes a level of ignorance in the call center industry that is so wide-spread it will amaze you.When you read this ebook, you will [...]

4 Steps to Overcome Being a Pain in the Ass Call Center

Through real world best practices, part 3 – the final chapter in this three-part series - highlights a few “how to” steps on overcoming barriers and become less of a Pain In The Ass (PITA) call center to your customers.  It begins with four vital questions… Step 1:  Answer some questions. According to W. Edwards [...]