Call Monitoring Calibration

/Call Monitoring Calibration

Call monitoring calibration is a process within the quality assurance program in call centers. It’s intent is to create fairness and consistency in the quality monitoring process.

What is Inter-Rater Reliability Testing

The contact center industry is facing wide-spread instances of low employee morale and low overall customer satisfaction performance. Inter-rater Reliability (IRR) testing may help you to turn around this trend in your contact center. In order for this to occur the old method of quality monitoring calibration would need to be replaced with IRR testing. [...]

Why consistency with QA calibration may make you inconsistent

“Do you conduct inter-rater reliability testing?” is a question that is included in the 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid e-book and self-assessment. This e-book contains diagnostic questions to uncover common errors made within Quality Assurance programs in contact centers. Benchmarking is not always helpful if you want to break-away from the pack and deliver [...]

Why the Quality Assurance and Training Study Results Scare Me

In late May, the QATC (Quality Assurance, Training and Connection organization) published the results of their quarterly survey on critical quality assurance and training topics in call centers, focusing on quality monitoring call calibration practices.  I found the survey results to be quite interesting (sometimes scary), but for very different reasons than highlighted in the [...]

Reducing volume in your call center is simple, hide your number

I recently had a small issue with Verizon that I wasn’t able to resolve on the web site.  Not a big deal. But when clicked on ‘Contact Us’ and then ‘By Phone’, instead of giving me the phone number, I was met with a pop-up window that said:  “We're sorry...we are not able to process [...]

Quality Monitoring Calibration the Worst Call Center Common Practice

An ebook titled Eliminating the Worst Call Center Practice: Quality Monitoring Calibration, is an extraordinary and unprecedented look into one of the most utilized processes in a call center. This ebook exposes a level of ignorance in the call center industry that is so wide-spread it will amaze you.When you read this ebook, you will [...]