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Jim Rembach is the Opening Keynote Speaker for the Contact Center Network Group

Jim Rembach, Chief Spokesman for Customer Relationship Metrics, will deliver the opening keynote address at the CCNG Optimizing Customer Experience Management Event, June, 20, 2013, in Charlotte, NC. CCNG is the industry’s #1 Contact Center and Customer Care Industry Professional Membership Network which brings together relevant and cutting-edge information for today’s call center professionals. CCNG [...]

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Do you think it’s a good idea to transfer upset customers from the survey to supervisors?

“Do you think it’s a good idea to transfer upset customers from the survey to supervisors?” is a question that was included in the 25 Mistakes to Avoid with Post-call IVR Surveys eBook and self-assessment. The eBook and self-assessment includes diagnostic questions for you to uncover weaknesses in your post-call IVR survey program or implement [...]

The customer expectation will damage your brand

Recently two highly-publicized customer expectations lawsuits have been in the news; one for Anheuser-Busch misrepresenting the alcohol content in a variety of its beers and the other with Subway’s foot-long sandwiches for coming up short. In both cases the customer expectations were clearly set and advertised (Subway’s $5 foot-long sandwich deal and Anheuser-Busch light beers with the alcohol content of higher calorie brands). In both cases, expectations were so blatantly under-served that customer dissatisfaction went through the roof, the customer experience went in the toilet, and now both brands are dealing with multimillion dollar lawsuits and a serious image problem. […]

Are your customer processes built on good intentions but fail operationally?

I bet your parents are like mine and love to share their call center experiences because they feel close to you when they deal in your world. It turns out that my mother has been dealing with a banking issue for some time now and has been assigned an agent to call directly. At first [...]

Do contact centers hate families or LOVE Black Friday more?

Has the growth of contact centers along with consumer and Wall Street demands ruined it for families? Has Black Friday gained more societal power than friends, family, and fellowship? I was asking myself these questions as I read about Target Corporation opening stores on Thanksgiving evening instead of Friday morning. Then, I started to think about [...]

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How will increased holiday sales impact an ever-widening customer service gap?

Do the fast approaching holidays fill you with dread at the thought of crowded malls packed with shoppers and incompetent, temporary store employees?  The HayGroup predicts that approximately 75% of retailers will experience an increase of holiday sales this year.  Given the prediction of a good shopping season, it’s almost a certainty that we will [...]

Is social customer service spoiling us?

We live in an age of instant gratification and that most definitely applies to customer service.  We expect good service when and how we want it, 24/7.  An immediate tweet back.  A fellow Facebook fan sending across a helpful link.  We have gotten used to speed and come to expect it, nay demand it, sometimes [...]

When customer service terrorists strike!

Too many customers are gaining fame by attacking companies because their unrealistic customer expectations were not met.  The fires are fueled by our unquenchable thirst for sensational news stories so these irate customers show up on our TVs lamenting about how they’ve been wronged (in their minds) and how the big, bad company should pay.  [...]

Excellent customer service wins brand advocacy

Anyone that’s successful in business can tell you that what sets them apart from their competition is excellent customer service.  We all know this but the challenge is execution.  I recently made a purchase from what I thought was a small, local business only to find out they are the biggest distributor in my state.  [...]

Do your customers fall into the ‘expectations gap’?

Does your organization have customers with different expectations than they should?  How does that happen when your company should be setting proper expectations? But, as you know, there are often gaps between what they think and what we think they should think.  The gaps often yield dissatisfied customers, high customer effort and more customer complaints [...]

Will Santa bring You good stuff or that plastic piece of junk?

It’s that time of year again when nearly every news program highlights the ‘must-have’ gifts for this holiday season.  One of these items is on the list to Santa and after quite a few sold-out stores I found the $49.99 thing.  It was hard to tell the quality based on how it was packaged, but I bought it anyway in the name of Santa and jingle bells. As the elf, I need to assemble the gifts before wrapping so it would be ready to go on Christmas morning.  Honestly, I was shocked at how flimsy the parts were on this must-have item.  It also requires the more expensive D-batteries.  So here I am with this cheapo thing that cost 50 bucks and will have a higher than average cost to operate which made me think about all those articles we’ve written this year about poor product quality, un-met customer expectations and the simple fact that things aren’t made to last.  Remember the toys of our youth?  My mom still has my Etch A Sketch and it works just as well as it did when I was 10. Believe me, that was a long time ago. Our expectations for products have skyrocketed as our budgets have become tighter while the products we’re buying have never been more cheaply made.  Will we as service providers be able to work effectively within this gap?  How are you preparing your team for the widening product quality gap in 2012, especially what’s coming your way in post-holiday January? […]

Customers are demanding greater product quality in tough times

At the end of October 2011, Customer Relationship Metrics published its quarterly Real-time Customer Experience Benchmarking Report to business partners.  One of the more interesting findings that emerged from analysis of the benchmarking data was a relatively unexplained spike in problem-related calls to contact centers that provide support to the automotive, appliance, and electronics industries after the point of sale.  The percentage of calls in which the customer is calling because of a (perceived) problem is a Key Indicator about the customer experience and operational costs for our business partners, especially in benchmarking, because it speaks to the relative level of challenge inherent in the calls handled by the call center, and therefore the call center’s opportunity to perform, delight, resolve, and retain customers during that time period.  An increase of the magnitude seen in the figure below represents a significant “hardening” in doing business for our partners. Analysis of unstructured customer comments in the Survey Calibration process revealed two primary drivers to this trend: Economic hardship is causing customers to seek to repair instead of replace products. There is a growing perception on the part of customers that things are no longer “made to last.” […]

Handling unrealistic customer experiences is on the rise for call center agents

Plain and simple, things aren’t built to last for a lifetime. There’s a reason your grandparents had the same car for 20 years and your parents still use the refrigerator from your childhood.  But now we are faced with product life spans that are much shorter and we are holding them up to an expectation [...]