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Social Media can impact the contact center in many ways. Are your call center agents prepared to handle the first contact resolution issues?

Is your call center equipped to quickly respond to negative social media?

When was the last time you woke up and thought, “I can’t wait to have a relationship with my utility company today!”  Probably never. The truth is, most people don’t care about having a relationship with your company until they’re unhappy with your products and services.  Then they can’t wait to tell their friends and [...]

Bad grammar yields bad service

We wax on and on about targeted marketing and proper messaging, which is why it’s so infuriating when the marketing and message are just right (and the offer is great!) but the email or mailer is littered with misspellings and bad grammar. I  received an email newsletter recently and there was a typo in the first [...]

Is your IVR hurting your customer service?

After a very frustrating call trying to navigate my way through a certain furniture company’s IVR system, I couldn’t help but think, “Who the heck is this IVR system designed for?”  The choices didn’t seem to match up with any common problems that might prompt someone to call (assembly instructions, lost shipment, damaged products/returns, etc.) [...]

How to deliver bad news to smart meter customers

The deployment of smart meters has generated a tidal wave of data for utilities to manage and beyond the initial data storage challenge, there exist real questions about how to use and share this information with consumers.   In an article published on back in 2009, Jack Danahy estimated that 140 million smart meters installed [...]

Is your sales team selling out your agents?

If you ask a call center agent how many times a day they get yelled at by customers, the answer is too often - “all day long.” Agents bear the brunt of unrealistic customer expectations when the sales and marketing staff are overselling, overpromising or omitting information about the product at the point of sale. [...]

Social media in the call center

As a call center professional, you have come to expect, accept, and perhaps even thrive on the fact that this is an ever-changing business environment.  This is a world where getting to the end of your task list is something similar to reaching the end of the rainbow to find the pot-of-gold.  For many of [...]

Does cheap drive your short-term decisions or your long-term customer loyalty?

I think the expression I use most frequently is, “cheap can be expensive”.  Sometimes when you’re out scouring for a deal you lose sight of that fact that good service is often rolled into the cost of a name brand.  What you may save on the initial price of an off-brand item may cost you [...]

Are your post-call surveys used for business intelligence or to beat up call center agents?

Are your post-call surveys considered to be business intelligence?  Let’s be honest, are we always ready for that honesty?  Or are you asking in such a way that you only get positive comments? Or to just beat up call center agents? What we’ve found is that most programs are destructive or met with apathy. The [...]

Customer feedback that makes you go “hmmm?”

During the customer experience measurement process, we asked customers to give an explanation as to why they scored an agent or the company the way they did.  These open-ended comments provide true insight into the problem or pain the customer has experienced.  Some customer comments leave us scratching our heads saying, “did he just say [...]

How to stop problem products from effecting your brand

If you are in the business of consumer products, problems are bound to happen.   When a problem with a product surfaces, the first call your customers make is to your call center for customer service.  As you review the analysis of your post-call survey customer comments, you will notice trends which may help identify a [...]

Managing the ever-demanding customer expectations

As a mother, wife, business owner, board member and the wearer of many other hats, I am constantly managing expectations.  If I do not set the proper expectations with all of the different people in my life, I will certainly disappoint someone somewhere.  Once I set expectations, I also must manage them. There are millions [...]

4 Fight back tips against your customers’ Social Media attacks

Once a quarter, Customer Relationship Metrics holds its Customer Insights to Action (CIA) meeting.  The meetings are open to all of our business partners, are anonymous and offer a great platform for call center professionals to share their successes, challenges and questions related to customer experience, call center technology, call center agent training and best [...]

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Hey, here’s how you use my survey feedback to prevent social media warfare

Are you willing to take responsibility for creating this much noise for your organization?  Assuming you responded ‘No’ from the previous blog post, below are a few steps you can begin taking today to minimize your social media threat.  And, since Mom always told us kids that we need to focus on the bright side, [...]

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Look, if you don’t use my survey feedback, forget Mom…I’m telling the Social Media World

This is a wake-up call to all of you who measure (and measure and measure) the customer experience but do absolutely nothing with the results!  You may think that your inaction doesn’t do anyone any harm, but you are wrong and incredibly short-sighted.  Beyond simply wasting valuable and limited company assets, you are putting your [...]

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