Customers Say the Darnest Things…But Why? 4-Part Series

/Customers Say the Darnest Things...But Why? 4-Part Series

A blog series that focuses on ‘why’ customers say what they say in their feedback of service provided

Customers say the darnest things….but why? “The Loquacious Customer” Part 4 of a 4-Part Series

In conclusion of our 4-Part series, we discover that even the craziest of comments provided in customer feedback via post-call surveys can be turned into opportunities for your call center agents.

Customers say the darnest things….but why? “The Affectionate Customer” Part 3 of a 4-Part Series

Customers get good service and take liberties with flirting. Was it because of tone of voice or being nice by the call center agent? A new slant on customer "experience" isn't it.

Customers say the darnest things….but why? “The Angry Customer” Part 2 of a 4-Part Series

As we mentioned in Part 1, Customer Relationship Metrics has been collecting customer data and comments for more than sixteen years.   When we decided to step away from analysis about what customers are saying and consider why they are saying what they are saying, we uncovered new reasons for customer behaviors.  We previously took a [...]

Customers say the darnest things….but why? “The Happy Customer” Part 1 of a 4-Part Series

As part of our role in customer care in call centers, we have been taught to ask customers for their opinions in order to make our service delivery a better customer experience for them.  Customer feedback is a tool to improve service, which can make service a competitive advantage, and is usually a source of [...]