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Concerning relationships with those inside your organization, namely your employees, call center agents, management team, etc.

Coach teenagers like you coach contact center agents

My only child turned 14 last week. You can likely relate to the way in which she can make this educated person feel pretty inept at times. All day long I use customer experience data to predict behavior and to provide fair and trusted performance evaluations for contact center agents. Wouldn’t it be nice if [...]

Propel contact center potential with positioning

Many businesses rely on a contact center for the majority of the interactions with their customers but when it’s an after-thought in the company it crushes contact center potential. How do you improve the position of importance of the contact center to the company in general? It is common for contact center management to be [...]

5 Ways to Show Customers Love and Get it in Return

One of the most important things that a business can focus on is showing customers love. Doing so enables lasting relationships with the customers. While connecting with customers through a contact center can be difficult to show customer love, it has become a very effective path used by leading companies. Through their devotion to the [...]

How to Improve Agent Performance without the Ding

Many contact centers struggle with how to improve agent performance. Too fast, too slow, not good enough can create a very contentious relationship between employees and management. Sometimes the relationships turn toxic. Toxic Will Not Improve Agent Performance Nobody that works in a contact center wants it to be a toxic environment. And to many [...]

4 Best Practices to Make Call Center Santa’s Nice List

Now that we’ve talked about the "Naughty List," let’s move on to the "Nice List" of call center practices I’ve seen this year.  Put simply, these are practices that deliver value to the customer while positively impacting the company’s bottom line. 1.   Putting customers in the driver’s seat – According to our research to date [...]

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4 Practices to Avoid Call Center Santa’s Naughty List

This holiday season I find myself thankful for the many gifts in my life – family, friends (new & old), health, joy, talented co-workers and a slightly wicked sense of humor.  As I sat down to write my holiday gift giving list, I started thinking about who’s been naughty and nice in my life.    Children [...]

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How NOT “Holding” Call Center Agents Accountable Improves Performance

What’s wrong with holding call center agents accountable? Accountability is a good thing. Isn’t it? At the very least, it sure is a popular word in leadership circles. Next time you’re around a gathering of call center leaders, listen to the conversation for a while and you are sure to hear the question…. “What one [...]

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The Rest of the 13 Practices that Prove Your Company Cares about its People

As promised, here are the remaining 6 practices that prove your company cares about its people.  We covered the first 7 practices already and those can be found here.  As you may recall the entire 13 practices are an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Survey Pain Relief. 8. Self-Managed Teams. It’s one thing to form [...]

Rev Up Your FCR Rate

This guest blog post is written by Greg Levin, He has been researching, reporting on and satirizing contact centers and customer care since 1994. First-contact resolution has been a hot call center metric for years now. There are white papers and articles galore on the topic, and entire conferences and online forums dedicated to it. [...]

Communicating the Results – Part 3 of a 4 Part Series: Supervisors and Agents

Over the last two weeks, I’ve covered how to communicate the results of your call center to both the Executive Management and to the Operations Team. Today we will turn our focus to the Supervisors and Agents in your call center.  Again, it’s important that each group gets the proper information to perform to the [...]

Avoid Call Center Schizophrenia from Pay for Performance – Part 2 of a 2-Part Blog Series

Whenever I have an opportunity to visit a business partner’s call center, I take a few minutes to conduct a rather un-scientific test, call it morbid curiosity.  As I pass by cubicles and am introduced to call center staff, I always ask how agent performance is assessed.  To me, the variety of responses I hear [...]

Communicating the Results – Part 2 of a 4 Part Series: Operations Team

Last week I talked about how to communicate the results of your External Quality Monitoring (eQM) analytics to Executive Management.  In talking about, “know your audience” I was reminded of a trip to Greece.  Today as we turn our focus to the Operations Team, I recall a much more recent story.  In fact, this happened [...]

Communicating the Results – Part 1 of a 4 Part Series: Executive Management

A few years ago, my husband and I took a trip to Greece. We wanted to explore the countryside for a few days and decided to rent a car in Athens. At the reservation desk, the nice gentleman at the counter handed me a road map. Eager to get on our way, I thanked him [...]

Hey CFO, where will you outsource to now?

One of my most-memorable offshore customer-service experiences involves a Fortune 100 direct-to-consumer computer company.  My power cord had stopped delivering power to my laptop, making it a fairly large (and expensive) paperweight.  I called the toll free number, ordered a new power cord, validated my shipping address and willingly paid for express delivery. A few [...]

4 Steps to Overcome Being a Pain in the Ass Call Center

Through real world best practices, part 3 – the final chapter in this three-part series - highlights a few “how to” steps on overcoming barriers and become less of a Pain In The Ass (PITA) call center to your customers.  It begins with four vital questions… Step 1:  Answer some questions. According to W. Edwards [...]

Avoid Call Center Schizophrenia from Pay for Performance – Part 1 of a 2-Part Blog Series

When reflecting on the life inside a call center, it’s easy to believe that we are patients that are often not medicated to control our delusions. Not only is it insanely intense, it is also a place of constant contradiction. We often have expectations of our employees and our call center agents to adhere to a specific model intended to produce a controlled response (a great service experience). In the same breath, we also expect that model to produce the opposite results (do it fast, right and cheap). Isn’t this setting your team up to feel schizophrenic? In the Pay for Performance model, call center agents are being paid based on metrics such as number of calls handled and number of minutes spent on those calls. This is the expectation set forth. At the end of the month, organizations are left scratching their heads as to why customer satisfaction scores are so low. This 2-Part series will dive into the schizophrenic world of Pay for Performance and introduce a model that works much better in the call center world.

Work-at-Home Agents Damage Net Promoter and Customer Satisfaction. Is this Preventable? A Call Center Case Study

Work-at-home call center agents perform worse at net promoter and customer satisfaction. What went wrong and how to prevent it. To take advantage of this growing trend requires a different way of thinking and relationship analytics to correct your course.

Innovative New Models for Managing Customer Contact Agents

I recently had the opportunity to facilitate a session titled, “Innovative New Models for Managing Customer Contact Agents” . This was a 90-minute workshop that provided attendees the chance to collaborate with one another to rethink the way they operate their contact center. The objective was to create an environment that is more inspirational, innovative, and filled with happy [...]

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Three Reasons to Never Survey Customers in Real-time

If you're surveying customers in your call center, with post-call surveys, stop doing it now and never ever do it.