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Our “lighter side” posts, highlighting real comments from real customers captured during experience measurements that aim to give you a good laugh at the start of the work week.

Why isn’t your customer experience program a top priority?

You probably made your customer experience program a top priority five short months ago when you sat down to make your New Year’s resolutions for your contact centers. Let’s do a gut check…did the priority to better your customer experience program fall by the way side just like your resolution of a smaller waistline? I’m [...]

Why you can’t afford the contact center of tomorrow

The reasons why you can’t afford the contact center of tomorrow may not be for the reasons you think. It used to be that anyone who could type and was nice, was perfect to sit in a call center seat. Well, it’s not 1980 anymore and we have contact centers now. The archaic mindset of [...]

This is a Voice of the Customer Cluster You-Know-What

A 15-person conference call to discuss your Voice of the Customer (VoC) program is a great example of a cluster you-know-what. Have you been on a conference call that is supposed to let all the departments weigh in on collective issues about the VoC customer program that turns into 90 minutes of your life you’ll [...]

Why contact center leaders feel like punching bags and how to fight back

Contact centers are staffed with nice people who easily become punching bags. These people are ready and willing to answer questions and serve internal (in addition to external) customer needs. If you say jump, these kind contact center agents simply ask, how high? It is becoming more widely accepted that the contact center is the [...]

Why selling in service contact centers fails and how to fix it

When you think of a typical salesperson what comes to mind? Do you immediately conjure up visions of multi-colored flags, ‘zero-money down’ signs, and some sleaze-bag car salesman telling you to buy the over-priced lemon of your dreams? The term, salesperson, quickly makes us imagine this derogatory image, something that we do not want to [...]

Is your post-call IVR survey program an internal auditor?

How many of you are using post-call IVR surveys in your Voice of the Customer (VoC) customer experience programs? Good. Even if you are not, this will be of interest to you because they are in your future. In the contact center industry, you never want to say “never”. Now, how many of you believe [...]

How to safeguard against customer experience inconsistencies in your call center

Have you ever been disappointed going to a restaurant based on a friend’s recommendation but the great food and service they raved about, and you expected, was just the opposite? I don’t know what’s worse, having the bad experience or lying to your friend so their feelings are not hurt. Unfortunately, the same disappointment happens [...]

Does your VoC program take a shortcut and skip Survey Calibration?

If your data goes directly to the reporting platform from collection without Survey Calibration then expect your final Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to be riddled with erroneous information. Every post-call IVR survey needs to be evaluated in a survey calibration process because there are always occurrences of the customer not answering the questions [...]

The customer expectation will damage your brand

Recently two highly-publicized customer expectations lawsuits have been in the news; one for Anheuser-Busch misrepresenting the alcohol content in a variety of its beers and the other with Subway’s foot-long sandwiches for coming up short. In both cases the customer expectations were clearly set and advertised (Subway’s $5 foot-long sandwich deal and Anheuser-Busch light beers [...]

You aren’t alone with the struggle to extract actionable insights from your CX VoC program

Join the club if you thought your company executed a world-class customer experience Voice of the Customer (VoC) program but now are struggling to identify actionable insights from the customer feedback. The primary goal is to succeed at the necessary process changes and customer initiatives to improve customer experience, so you must dig deep and [...]

Are your customer processes built on good intentions but fail operationally?

I bet your parents are like mine and love to share their call center experiences because they feel close to you when they deal in your world. It turns out that my mother has been dealing with a banking issue for some time now and has been assigned an agent to call directly. At first [...]

Social customer service; a place for brand terrorists or an agent’s best friend?

We live in a fickle and demanding world where customers have little loyalty to us but they expect a lifetime of guarantee on the item they purchased, no matter how small. If customers don’t get an immediate response or don’t get what they feel is due to them they can tweet about it, Facebook it, [...]

Profiting from Customer Experience Process Improvements

We all strive to improve customer experience in our organizations but one thing is for certain, change is hard. Positive customer experience process improvement is achieved through a variety of ways: external quality monitoring programs that uncover hidden issues, working through high customer experience dysfunction issues to streamline internal processes, and organizing mounds of customer [...]

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Web Experience Survey Mistake #1 – Trying to Measure WAY too much!

My bank sent me a survey invitation after I logged into my account to review my mortgage. I was happy to click on the survey link to discuss my satisfaction with the online experience.  After about 6 minutes of clicking through the pages of questions, I had to give up.  Time to respond to the [...]

Customer Relationship Metrics’ Most Comical Contact Center Stories

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the serious, so let’s look back at some of our funniest stories.  Wild, 10+ hour customer experience calls, dissatisfied customers completely destroying brick-and-mortar stores, customer service terrorists going on multi-social channel rants --- these are just some of our most shockingly true and amusing stories, and we [...]

Post-call IVR surveys: the key to call center process improvement

The only effective way to capture the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is through post-call IVR surveys, where results are able to tap into the genuine experiences customers have with a product or service. The knowledge shared by the customer, and thereby gained and analyzed by the company, can lead to powerful change for the future [...]

The Best of Knuggets and Knuckleheads: Post-call IVR Surveys

You know that capturing post-call customer feedback is critical to your business.  It allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the customer, uncover problem products, agent issues, service faults and organizational barriers.  Additionally, it reveals the positive in what is working, who is performing at high levels and quantifies how the customer [...]

Don’t send a market researcher to do the job of a VoC customer experience analyst

When a co-worker offers to jump in and help with a project, an extra set of hands and an all-for-one attitude is a welcomed change from the siloed mindset that plagues many work environments. But when designing a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program for the contact center, it’s not so great to be sent [...]

You cannot skip Survey Calibration in your customer experience VoC programs

Customer experience data is powerful if you know how to unlock its valuable insights and make it actionable. If your organization wants to gain employee and company engagement, and create customer-centric environments, then it is critical to use survey calibration in your Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs. When you are looking at specific customer [...]

When is the right time to ask your customers to be customers again after Hurricane Sandy?

Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast and changed the immediate futures of many.  Focus will no doubt shift from extravagant extras to just rebuilding the necessities. For many local businesses looking to rebuild as well and turning to their loyal customers and the commitments made prior to this unthinkable disaster, you have to wonder when is [...]

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