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Our “lighter side” posts, highlighting real comments from real customers captured during experience measurements that aim to give you a good laugh at the start of the work week.

Emotional decisions will cost you thousands without Customer Experience Analytics

It is human nature to make emotional decisions based on nothing more than a reaction to a feeling, even if it is irrational.  In business, emotional decisions made every day without thorough customer experience analysis to support them is costing you tens of thousands of wasted dollars. How do you know? How do you know [...]

Voice of the customer specialties

When you have a sinus condition, you wouldn’t go to see a chiropractor.  While a chiropractor is talented when it comes to matters of the spine, he doesn’t have the skills needed to solve your sinus problem.  An ear, nose and throat physician is perfect for your situation. When it comes to the Voice of [...]

How will increased holiday sales impact an ever-widening customer service gap?

Do the fast approaching holidays fill you with dread at the thought of crowded malls packed with shoppers and incompetent, temporary store employees?  The HayGroup predicts that approximately 75% of retailers will experience an increase of holiday sales this year.  Given the prediction of a good shopping season, it’s almost a certainty that we will [...]

Designing the perfect call center manager – The next phase

Aside from a knowledgeable, agent-friendly, capable leader at the helm of your call center, what else goes into designing the ideal prototype for a call center manager? You need someone with savvy business acumen to navigate through the ever-changing business landscape.  Think about the best boss you’ve ever had:  did s/he have the expertise to [...]

Crafting the perfect Call Center Manager

If you could create the perfect call center manager, what would he or she look like?  Specifically, what traits or management styles would s/he have?  What attitudes or knowledge would s/he bring to the table?  While you find some of your perfect traits during the interview process, it is difficult to find all of the [...]

How well does your Big Data know your customers?

When it comes to growing your business, the ingredients are straightforward:  have a good product/service, understand your customers’ needs, have good, clean customer data, and deliver an exemplary customer experience every time.  Do those four things better than everyone else and your company always lands on the top of the heap.  Fail to do any one [...]

Post-call surveys are pointless if your agents synthesize the results

Little kids get in trouble all the time, and when they’re ready to come clean they’ll often make parents promise not to get mad before they spill beans. Wanting to ensure mom and dad’s response is not unlike an agent asking for a top score on a post-call survey from a customer they just helped [...]

What stands in YOUR way from becoming customer centric?

Top companies are those that revolve their business models around their customers.  Those that not only consider their customers in the design and marketing of their products, but involve them throughout their products’ development and introduction into the marketplace are the companies that lead their competitors. But you know that talking about being customer centric [...]

Is social customer service spoiling us?

We live in an age of instant gratification and that most definitely applies to customer service.  We expect good service when and how we want it, 24/7.  An immediate tweet back.  A fellow Facebook fan sending across a helpful link.  We have gotten used to speed and come to expect it, nay demand it, sometimes [...]

Solve your Big Data problems and stop blaming ‘the other guy’

So your company has a big data problem and after much research you purchase a CRM software solution (BI or Analytics Software included) you believe will solve all your issues.  A few months after the install you find you’re no where closer to solving your big data problem and you’re ready to throw out the proverbial software [...]

When customer service terrorists strike!

Too many customers are gaining fame by attacking companies because their unrealistic customer expectations were not met.  The fires are fueled by our unquenchable thirst for sensational news stories so these irate customers show up on our TVs lamenting about how they’ve been wronged (in their minds) and how the big, bad company should pay.  [...]

Excellent customer service wins brand advocacy

Anyone that’s successful in business can tell you that what sets them apart from their competition is excellent customer service.  We all know this but the challenge is execution.  I recently made a purchase from what I thought was a small, local business only to find out they are the biggest distributor in my state.  [...]

Do your customers fall into the ‘expectations gap’?

Does your organization have customers with different expectations than they should?  How does that happen when your company should be setting proper expectations? But, as you know, there are often gaps between what they think and what we think they should think.  The gaps often yield dissatisfied customers, high customer effort and more customer complaints [...]

Text analytics makes the most of consumer data

I recently wrote a blog post focused on how companies are using social CRM.  Everyone seems to be using social customer service to gauge customer sentiment, manage product and service issues, and follow up with customer service complaints. The focus on social media strategies is overwhelming to many organizations but of even more significant is [...]

Are your siloed call center processes increasing customer effort?

When people find out what I do for a living they inevitably tell me about some awful customer experience they’ve had and ask if I can ‘fix that company’.  From my perspective as a consumer, I can certainly empathize with their bad customer experience, but as a call center professional I understand the common missteps [...]

You need skills-based routing for social media interaction management too

So you use skills-based routing for your call center, but your organization doesn’t think it’s necessary to apply the same principles to social CRM to be successful?  Sure, the marketing department may be responsible for promoting products and service offers online, but it’s a big stretch for them to handle complex customer service issues on [...]

Are customers using crowdsourcing to find your products?

It’s time to get a new TV so I went to my local electronics store see the choices.  I wanted to compare the options and then select which model, brand and type would best suit my needs.  I found a store salesperson that walked me through the choices and we focused on several models that [...]

Text analytics adds the ‘why’ behind the numbers.

What do you do when one of your best selling products, your cash cow, your go-to, has decreasing sales revenue and can no longer be counted on to save the sales figures?  Worse, what if most of the ones being sold are quickly returned?  The call center has the answers, and they lie within the [...]

You can’t always get the customer experience you want

But if you try sometimes, you just might find you get ------ a high amount customer effort and a lot of headaches.  I continue to be shocked about the customer experience dysfunction I witness in my everyday life.  I have no doubt that you know what I’m talking about.  We see the repetitive communication and [...]

Are unneccessary calls hiking up customer experience dysfunction?

What are your callers thinking about when they spend minute after minute on hold to speak to an agent?  Probably among the thoughts would be ‘what’s taking so long’?  Studies show that up to half of all customer service calls are unnecessarily placed due to high organizational dysfunction. A communication misstep within the customer service [...]