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Our “lighter side” posts, highlighting real comments from real customers captured during experience measurements that aim to give you a good laugh at the start of the work week.

How is Social CRM impacting your traditional customer service channels?

With Facebook pages and Twitter handles and this, that and the other, is anyone even picking up the phone anymore to be served by one of your agents?  You bet they are and what callers experience has been affected by your Social CRM. Recently, I had to deal with a return and some customer service [...]

Holistic medicine for your call center; look at the whole customer experience

Holistic medicine is a big picture view - the emotional, physical, psychological and environmental factors that contribute to a patient’s overall health.  Without considering all of these factors, a doctor may only solve part of the affliction without completely healing the patient.  In your call center, the agents lacking a holistic view of a customer’s [...]

Customers take their service needs online – how is your social customer service?

Customers don’t really want to pick up the phone to call you.  They would rather not deal with you at all.  And if they have to deal with you, the first instinct is to go online to do so.  In response to this social customer service trend, some companies dedicate specific handles or pages for [...]

When your service fails, where do your customers go for self-service?

Here’s a hint:  it’s not your company’s web site. We’ve all been there.  Frustration after a poor IVR or call center agent experience makes it seem simpler to go online to see if you can solve your product or service questions yourself.  Studies show that frustrated customers turn to social media channels to look for [...]

Mo’ big data, mo’ big problems

A friend of mine works for a prominent university where one of his primary responsibilities is actively engaging with the alumni and athletic boosters, both directly and through social media channels, to garner large donations.  Recently his department compiled a tribute video for one of their most prominent alumnae (and donor) using recorded messages from [...]

Just how much customer experience dysfunction am I paying for here?

Last week I told you about my alarm vs. phone company customer experience drama and raised the question of what part of each dollar spent on your products and services is needed to fund your company’s dysfunction.  I bet it’s more than you thought. To last week’s point, I just received my phone bill.  I [...]

How high is your Dysfunction Index?

Services for homeowners are intertwined.  I need a phone line for my alarm system to be monitored properly.  What happens when the alarm system cannot connect to the phone and neither the phone service company nor the alarm company will cop to the issue or help me resolve it?  The alarm company says it’s a [...]

As the ball drops this New Year’s, don’t drop it again with customers in 2012

Tis the time of year when we’re all making resolutions both personally and professionally.  This year, pledge to halt the risk to your organization by not effectively analyzing customer feedback and conversations.  Your path is unclear and even treacherous without this necessary business intelligence.  If you are not able to prove how these customer analytics [...]

Do you have a social media strategy to nowhere?

In business we frequently see a very reactive approach when it comes to customer complaints or comments.  If someone tweets something about a product problem you may tweet them back to try and resolve it on a singular level.  But shouldn’t you proactively tweet out a solution to your followers that may be experiencing the [...]

Will Santa bring You good stuff or that plastic piece of junk?

It’s that time of year again when nearly every news program highlights the ‘must-have’ gifts for this holiday season.  One of these items is on the list to Santa and after quite a few sold-out stores I found the $49.99 thing.  It was hard to tell the quality based on how it was packaged, but [...]

What are you teaching your children about customer experience respect?

Are you teaching your children to be good consumers?  Not to be consumers of a lot of things but to BE a good consumer?  You practice the art of leading by example at the office in your role as a manager but are you mindful what the little ones are watching at home?  I’d say [...]

Do your call scripts make call center agents better or dumb?

Guidelines and talking points sound different to customers than do call-controlling scripts.  A call center agent who sounds like an advocate or advisor because they naturally converse (what they are told to say), deliver a better customer experience.  With your effort to help agents connect with the caller or to control the content of the [...]

Was this an attempt to improve the Black Friday customer experience or not?

For the first time some stores got a jump on ‘Black Friday’ by opening on Thursday evening (Thanksgiving).  After the leftovers from the turkey dinner were put away, I decided to venture out to see how this plan was going to work.  What was I thinking?!? Did you assume that the expansion of the Black [...]

Is your call center short-term focused and long-term blind like Wall Street?

I think more than anything where we fail in customer service, both in the call center and out, is the follow-up. We put great importance on the quick fix, to speedily get the caller off the phone to address the next caller in queue. Being long-term blind like Wall Street, we worry about short-term metrics [...]

Handling unrealistic customer experiences is on the rise for call center agents

Plain and simple, things aren’t built to last for a lifetime. There’s a reason your grandparents had the same car for 20 years and your parents still use the refrigerator from your childhood.  But now we are faced with product life spans that are much shorter and we are holding them up to an expectation [...]

Your agents are only as good as the processes behind them; so what’s wrong with your processes?

Being in the industry makes me hyper sensitive to call center service when I am a caller.  I’d classify myself as a good customer because I try to set them up to be successful.  I try to never raise my voice and I always remember that they are only as good the processes that are [...]

The horror of customer experience consistency that misses the mark

You are probably like me and my friends.  We are always quick to share a new find:  a doctor, a handyman, a great new boutique, an app or even a recipe.  Recently I referred a friend to a garage that I’ve used for years for car repairs and maintenance.  She wasn’t very happy when she [...]

When you cut headcount is your customer experience bleeding?

I recently had to call the post office’s customer service number regarding a change of address form that got screwed up.  Monday I waited on hold for 15 minutes and finally hung up.  Tuesday, the same deal.  I finally physically went down to my local post office on Wednesday to deal with the mess in [...]

Selling for service improves customer experiences in contact centers

I was setting up my electricity for my new house and the provider offered to connect me to a third party that could coordinate my move and offer me discounts at home improvement stores.  How convenient!   The third party compared rates of the two local TV/Phone/Internet providers so I was able to also schedule those [...]

Emerging customer retention model: hide your contact center information

What’s the big secret?  You sold me.  Someone wanted to buy me, so there!  Now that you have me, why are you trying to hide from me?  Why would you put customer relationships at risk; not to mention the immense pressure on your call center agents to field the angry customer calls when we figure [...]