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P.I.T.A = Pain In The Ass. This series focuses on companies who are a PITA to their customers and call center agents, how they can be identified and how they can overcome being one.

Send all of your Crazy Customers to Zappos Contact Center

Zappos wants to provide excellent service to everyone in their contact center, including the crazy customers that want to stay on the phone for 10-and-a-half hours. This story makes me really sad.  You know, I love a good public relations story just like everyone else.  And when you hear many of the (genuine) customer service [...]

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4 Steps to Overcome Being a Pain in the Ass Call Center

Through real world best practices, part 3 – the final chapter in this three-part series - highlights a few “how to” steps on overcoming barriers and become less of a Pain In The Ass (PITA) call center to your customers.  It begins with four vital questions… Step 1:  Answer some questions. According to W. Edwards [...]