IVR Post-call Surveys

/IVR Post-call Surveys

Collecting customer feedback scores and comments immediately after a contact center interaction takes place. Invented by us in the early 1990s to measure the customer experience. We design & manage post-call survey programs.

Are your Call Center Survey Questions Delivering the Wrong Answers?

Using biased post-call survey results is highly dangerous as operational and call center agent decisions will be based on flawed information. The following are some of the common pitfalls you may not have considered with your call center survey. Biases and errors can arise from a variety of sources. Authors of literature on research methods [...]

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You hate your spouse’s selective hearing so why do it to your customers?

Four Best Practices to make your Customer Experience evaluation a truly effective listening post for your organization, so that customers feel your organization values their input and plans to take their input into consideration at critical decision points.

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7 Call Center Survey Rules to Live by

How do we ensure that customer experience results are a profitable business process in the call center and elsewhere in the organization? To increase the value of the initiative, be certain that the research is done the right way, and not only done for the sake of surveying customers.  Note that customer feedback results will [...]

365 Days of Delivering Elite Customer Experiences in your Call Center: Customer-centric sweat and celebration

What does it take to be a customer service award winner? Does an award given from a small snapshot in time, when things are really good, even falsely engineered to be good, cause your customers to mistrust the award? Well, of course it does. So how do call centers overcome this risk? 365 days of effort.

Three Reasons to Never Survey Customers in Real-time

If you're surveying customers in your call center, with post-call surveys, stop doing it now and never ever do it.