Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR)

//Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR)

Inter-rater Reliability (IRR) is a more effective way to calibrate scorers in a quality monitoring program in a contact center. Traditional quality monitoring call calibration is poor method used to evaluate quality monitoring analysts.

What is Inter-Rater Reliability Testing

The contact center industry is facing wide-spread instances of low employee morale and low overall customer satisfaction performance. Inter-rater Reliability (IRR) testing may help you to turn around this trend in your contact center. In order for this to occur the old method of quality monitoring calibration would need to be replaced with IRR testing. [...]

Why consistency with QA calibration may make you inconsistent

“Do you conduct inter-rater reliability testing?” is a question that is included in the 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid e-book and self-assessment. This e-book contains diagnostic questions to uncover common errors made within Quality Assurance programs in contact centers. Benchmarking is not always helpful if you want to break-away from the pack and deliver [...]

Show me the money! Part 3 of a 3-Part Series on IRR

Based on the other posts on this topic, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR) is a far more rigorous process than the one in which you and your team utilizes and that this process may require more time than you’ve been allocating to calibration.  In many cases, these conclusions are valid. [...]

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What’s the difference between calibration and Inter-Rater Reliability? Part 2 of a 3-Part Series on IRR

In my 14 years in the call center industry, I have had many occasions to visit call centers in nearly every industry imaginable.  I’ve come across different examples of calibration, each intended to reduce risk to the organization from customer service: A group of  Quality Assurance (QA) folks sitting in a room listening to calls [...]

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Is your survey calibration process destroying agent morale? Part 1 of a 3-Part Series on IRR

As the economy has contracted over the two years, many organizations have focused on minimizing costs by reducing (if not eliminating) on-going training, quality initiatives, hiring, promotion, etc.  The impact has been a decline in employee engagement which had a direct and measurable impact on the way they treat your most valuable asset – your [...]

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