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Quality assurance in a contact center is a set of processes and procedures that are used in an effort to improve the customer experience and reduce wasteful operating practices. Register for a complimentary check-up.

Unique results with quality assurance

We would like better results on our post-call IVR surveys, we are looking to enhance our customer experience performance. Where do we start?   – George M. Thanks for your question, George. If your customers are like most, they are raising their expectations continually. So you are right to look at what you are doing to [...]

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Why your quality team should include customer experience experts

“Does your quality team include customer experience experts?” is a question that was included in the 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid ebook and self-assessment. The ebook and self-assessment includes diagnostic questions to uncover many of the problems that have been perpetuated over the decades-long history of Quality Assurance in contact centers. Benchmarking makes it [...]

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Gallery – 29 mistakes to avoid with quality assurance programs

Below are the question pages in image format for 29 Mistakes to Avoid with Quality Assurance Programs eBook with Self- assessment. You can download the entire quality assurance ebook for free in our contact center resource library. If you would like permission to use these, or have any questions, you may contact us anytime. [...]

What is the first step to customer centric?

Dr. Jodie, we are ready to transform our customer experiences in the New Year. What is the first step to customer centric?  – Jane B. Thank you for your question, Jane. When you undertake what we call the Quality Assurance Transformation Process, the first step to customer centric you must take is to change your [...]

The 5 Best in contact center quality excellence

The truth is, the customer experience is a large impact on the value of your contact center. And the quality items you measure, manage and report metrics on greatly influence the result. Having a problem with empathy? Quality Assurance is driving that. Have a problem with FCR? Yep, QA. Have a problem with agent morale? [...]

29 Mistakes to avoid with quality assurance programs

Mistakes to Avoid with Quality Assurance Self-Assessment and Tips Today Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C. released a new ebook 29 Mistakes to Avoid with Quality Assurance that includes a 29-point (and a bonus) self-assessment on common mistakes that can be avoided that ultimately undermine a contact center’s ability to maximize customer experiences with service delivery. The [...]

Wow Customer Experiences from Contact Center Quality

Do you want to deliver better customer experiences in your contact centers? Do you want customers to be wowed?  Are you happy with your contact center quality program? I know, these seem like stupid questions to actually expect a response. Really, who in their right mind would answer “no”?  This is exactly why I did [...]

Launching a customer-centric approach with Quality Assurance

Launching a customer-centric approach with Quality Assurance Dr. Jodie, we want to change our existing approach to a more customer-centric approach.  Where is the best place to start?   - John D.   Thanks for your question, John.  Changing from a product-centric or company-centric approach to a customer-centric approach will certainly serve your company well in [...]

CX Bang with Quality Transformation

This page was created in part for the Customer Insights to Action (CIA) Bulletin Newsletter; register here to subscribe.   Dr. Jodie, we are interested in transforming the customer experience in our contact center but I’ve heard that traditional Voice of the Customer programs are not the best route any more.  Do you have a [...]

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What scale should I use for my customer satisfaction surveys?

When selecting the best customer satisfaction survey scale to use, the decision should be driven by several key points: What is the methodology for the measurement project? What is the intended use for the results? What are the best analytics to accurately interpret the results? What is the methodology for the customer experience measurement project? The research [...]

Customers are Monitoring Calls for Quality Purposes Too

"This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes." Every time you hear this don’t you want to tell that automated message: “and I will be monitoring this call for quality purposes too”? Don’t lie, you know you do it. Let it be known, your customers are doing this too. I think contact [...]

Hidden Risks with Post-Call IVR Surveys Stealth Mode

Stealth mode or automated transfers in post-call IVR surveying in contact centers has some hidden problems that you must be aware of if you want to experience success.

Quality Monitoring Calibration the Worst Call Center Common Practice

An ebook titled Eliminating the Worst Call Center Practice: Quality Monitoring Calibration, is an extraordinary and unprecedented look into one of the most utilized processes in a call center. This ebook exposes a level of ignorance in the call center industry that is so wide-spread it will amaze you.When you read this ebook, you will [...]

Show me the money! Part 3 of a 3-Part Series on IRR

Based on the other posts on this topic, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR) is a far more rigorous process than the one in which you and your team utilizes and that this process may require more time than you’ve been allocating to calibration.  In many cases, these conclusions are valid. [...]

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What’s the difference between calibration and Inter-Rater Reliability? Part 2 of a 3-Part Series on IRR

In my 14 years in the call center industry, I have had many occasions to visit call centers in nearly every industry imaginable.  I’ve come across different examples of calibration, each intended to reduce risk to the organization from customer service: A group of  Quality Assurance (QA) folks sitting in a room listening to calls [...]

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Is your survey calibration process destroying agent morale? Part 1 of a 3-Part Series on IRR

As the economy has contracted over the two years, many organizations have focused on minimizing costs by reducing (if not eliminating) on-going training, quality initiatives, hiring, promotion, etc.  The impact has been a decline in employee engagement which had a direct and measurable impact on the way they treat your most valuable asset – your [...]

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Angry Customers Call – On the Verge of a Social Media War

Even in knucklehead comments there are ‘knuggets’ of wisdom to be gained.  The pattern of customer feedback uncovers indications of poor products, dissatisfaction with service in general  or with an individual call center agent’s performance and some, well,  just give insight as to how humans can react when they become an “Angry Customer.” “You guys [...]