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How to Improve Agent Performance without the Ding

Many contact centers struggle with how to improve agent performance. Too fast, too slow, not good enough can create a very contentious relationship between employees and management. Sometimes the relationships turn toxic. Toxic Will Not Improve Agent Performance Nobody that works in a contact center wants it to be a toxic environment. And to many [...]

3 Things Enable Agents to Increase FCR

Everyone knows that repeat callers are expensive, even really expensive. That’s why most companies track First Call Resolution (FCR) as a metric on their agents’ scorecards. Hold them responsible for FCR and the percentage will improve, right? Maybe not. Your plan may be undermined by your company and its internally created road blocks that make [...]

Quiz on Collecting Customer Comments in Surveys

Do you have the skills and wisdom about collecting customer comments in surveys to compete with the best? Do you want to know how you compare? Of course you do. Let's get started. To learn more on how to use customer comments and increase VoC data integrity go to www.SurveyCalibration.com. Remember to share the Quiz [...]

Yes, You accidentally cause agent burnout

Hi, my name is Susan. I’ve worked in the Customer Service Department for my company for just short of 20 years now and I absolutely love most everything about it. I’m one of the top ranked agents in the department and, according to the masses, I work for one of the best managers in the [...]

Quality investments are like Granite Countertops

Have you ever built a new home? They say building a home is one of the most stressful activities you can ever undertake in life. I agree. It was one of the most stressful endeavors I ever had! There is a seemingly infinite number of decisions to be made. It’s not at all like taking [...]

3 Quality Benchmarking Lessons from Facebook

Social media outlets like Facebook provide a continuous update on how fabulous everyone’s life is. At any moment of the day there’s a new post about something fabulous. But beware of trying to compare the happy summaries you see to your own life. It’s crazy to get sucked into that comparison game and it can [...]

Why linking quality results to corporate objectives is bad

Linking quality results to your corporate objectives is a fundamental expertise in which all contact center quality assurance programs must excel. I will show why it's most often done terribly and how you can get better at it in a moment. Not only must it be done well, it should be updated on a regular [...]

How many calls can agents handle?

How do you determine how many calls your agents should handle in an hour? It’s seems like a simple goal setting process, but is it really simple? In order to help avoid costly mistakes that are difficult to overcome, Customer Relationship Metrics has developed a self-assessment that will help you identify issues within your own [...]

What is Inter-Rater Reliability Testing

The contact center industry is facing wide-spread instances of low employee morale and low overall customer satisfaction performance. Inter-rater Reliability (IRR) testing may help you to turn around this trend in your contact center. In order for this to occur the old method of quality monitoring calibration would need to be replaced with IRR testing. [...]

Mind-blowing reality contact center agents share with doctors

In this video learn about Doctor Ava Knight and her plight with delivering the best patient (customer) experience. Ava became a doctor because she loves to help people, she loves to connect with people, she likes to build relationships, she likes to know she has made a difference in the lives of people. Ava shares [...]

Why consistency with QA calibration may make you inconsistent

“Do you conduct inter-rater reliability testing?” is a question that is included in the 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid e-book and self-assessment. This e-book contains diagnostic questions to uncover common errors made within Quality Assurance programs in contact centers. Benchmarking is not always helpful if you want to break-away from the pack and deliver [...]

Why your quality team should include customer experience experts

“Does your quality team include customer experience experts?” is a question that was included in the 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid ebook and self-assessment. The ebook and self-assessment includes diagnostic questions to uncover many of the problems that have been perpetuated over the decades-long history of Quality Assurance in contact centers. Benchmarking makes it [...]

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Gallery – 29 mistakes to avoid with quality assurance programs

Below are the question pages in image format for 29 Mistakes to Avoid with Quality Assurance Programs eBook with Self- assessment. You can download the entire quality assurance ebook for free in our contact center resource library. If you would like permission to use these, or have any questions, you may contact us anytime. [...]

29 Mistakes to avoid with quality assurance programs

Mistakes to Avoid with Quality Assurance Self-Assessment and Tips Today Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C. released a new ebook 29 Mistakes to Avoid with Quality Assurance that includes a 29-point (and a bonus) self-assessment on common mistakes that can be avoided that ultimately undermine a contact center’s ability to maximize customer experiences with service delivery. The [...]

Wow Customer Experiences from Contact Center Quality

Do you want to deliver better customer experiences in your contact centers? Do you want customers to be wowed?  Are you happy with your contact center quality program? I know, these seem like stupid questions to actually expect a response. Really, who in their right mind would answer “no”?  This is exactly why I did [...]

Quality Assurance Optimization Requires Transformation

Every company has a department, or several, that perform internal checks to ensure that the quality of the product, service, process, and technology meets or exceeds company-defined standards. Most people refer to these departments as Quality Assurance or QA. Contact centers have been a fertile hotbed for Quality activities for decades! But, have you ever [...]

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Internal Quality Monitoring is unable to answer the quality question

Do you want to know if internal quality monitoring (iQM) scores help you to answer, what was the customer experience? You are continuously asked how well the contact center is serving the customer – how well is service delivered to customers who call to resolve a problem or to ask a question? In many contact centers, they [...]