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Speech analytics is the process of analyzing speech to extract useful information within the spoken words. It often includes elements of automatic speech recognition, where the identities of spoken words or phrases are determined. Speech Analytics in contact centers is used to detect business intelligence.

Stop trying to delight your customers in contact centers

Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers in Contact Centers Briefing In this video I reveal Case Study insights and how customer effort can be impacted through advanced voice of the customer methods. Customer effort score and first call resolution while being related can not be mistaken as synonymous. In order to determine which metric works [...]

Call Center Analytics Revealed Case Study

Get an Insiders view to Business Intelligence and Call Center Analytics In this complimentary case study and ebook Call Center Analytics Revealed: Why Technology is not Your Actionable Business Intelligence Panacea, get an insiders view into the world of business intelligence and call center analytics. Is call center analytics the silver bullet it’s promised to be? Is [...]

Improving Net Promoter Score using Speech Analytics

Improving Net Promoter Score using Speech Analytics Show of hands, how many of you are happy with using NetPromoter for your customer experience? Studies show very few are happy with it at the business level. But C-level executives like it so you’re stuck with it. What do you do? In this video learn how you [...]

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Speech Analytics Secrets

Are you ready to join the Contact Center Quality Assurance Revolution and add Speech Analytics to your program? Do you want the know the speech analytics secrets? Then make sure you read this white paper before you make any investments. Go Beyond the Speech Analytics Secrets This white paper lays the foundation for extraordinary opportunities. In [...]

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Innovations in Mystery Calling would excite Sherlock Holmes

If Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were alive today, he would have written a story for Sherlock Holmes that would cause everybody in the world to rethink mystery calling for call center interactions. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote fifty-six short stories and four novels about Sherlock Holmes. The first was published in 1887. In my opinion, [...]

Is your call center customer experience shocking or numbing?

Like many of you I am frustrated when I make a customer service call and I am asked for my account number (and other information) by the IVR, only to be asked to repeat it when I make it to a live call center agent.  We’ve become numb and expect this sort of inefficiency as [...]

Is your IVR hurting your customer service?

After a very frustrating call trying to navigate my way through a certain furniture company’s IVR system, I couldn’t help but think, “Who the heck is this IVR system designed for?”  The choices didn’t seem to match up with any common problems that might prompt someone to call (assembly instructions, lost shipment, damaged products/returns, etc.) [...]

You vs. your competition, head-to-head, how’d you do?

A few weeks ago I had a mishap with an electronic billpay that brought together - and then set apart -three financial institutions.  Admittedly, I made a mistake in creating the electronic payment request.  My local bank generated a physical check rather than transferring the funds via ACH (Automated Clearing House), and sent it on [...]

Stop focusing wrong in your contact center

In the contact center we are very good at measuring stuff, especially stuff about agents! I’d be hard-pressed to think of another profession where every minute, every word, decision and action is scrutinized. But we do it all for our customers, right? Are you sure? It's time you stop focusing wrong. I work with a [...]

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Learn How to Become a Speech Analytics Analyst in 30-Days or Less

In addition to reading this article about becoming a speech analytics analyst, you should also check out the video series Speech Analytics Best Practices.  Jim Rembach, discusses the importance of identifying the key personnel required for a successful Business Intelligence implementation and the traits or attributes of these personnel: 1.   Analytic / math skills, 2.   [...]

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The whole IS greater then the sum of its call center parts

Imagine this scenario:  Some time ago you purchased an electronic gizmo and its product protection plan at a national retail chain.  Now your gizmo is acting all goofy and you want it fixed and quickly (you’ve become rather attached to your gizmo)!  You call the toll-free number, successfully navigate the IVR the first time around, [...]

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Is the customer really always right?

When reviewing customer feedback of any kind, it is easy at first glance to take customer comments at face value…the customer IS always right, right?  Customers are very skilled at identifying the existence of a problem, but less adept and determining the root cause.  It is natural for the customer to place blame on call [...]

Can Free Speech Analytics Software Overcome the 3 Barriers to Adoption?

The speech analytics software market is growing rapidly, even in this recessionary market. Despite this fact, many organizations are not launching speech analytics programs. Even though they greatly desire the publicized benefits of: Improving First Call Resolution Rates Eliminating agent-handled volume Reducing talk times Reducing hold-time Reducing transfers Overall cost to operate reductions Improving the [...]

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