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Text analytics is a linguistic data set where customer comments (both on and offline and within CRM records) are analyzed to find patterns and extract common information to better serve the business and its customers.

Call Center Analytics Revealed Case Study

Get an Insiders view to Business Intelligence and Call Center Analytics In this complimentary case study and ebook Call Center Analytics Revealed: Why Technology is not Your Actionable Business Intelligence Panacea, get an insiders view into the world of business intelligence and call center analytics. Is call center analytics the silver bullet it’s promised to be? Is [...]

Text analytics makes the most of consumer data

I recently wrote a blog post focused on how companies are using social CRM.  Everyone seems to be using social customer service to gauge customer sentiment, manage product and service issues, and follow up with customer service complaints. The focus on social media strategies is overwhelming to many organizations but of even more significant is [...]

E-Commerce Times spotlights Text BI

Last week we formally announced Text BI™, our latest managed service offering. In advance of the announcement, I spent some time talking with Denise Deveau from E-Commerce Times about this news, as well as the general challenge of harnessing unstructured data. In a story that she published based on our conversation, Denise explained the basics [...]

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Text analytics adds the ‘why’ behind the numbers.

What do you do when one of your best selling products, your cash cow, your go-to, has decreasing sales revenue and can no longer be counted on to save the sales figures?  Worse, what if most of the ones being sold are quickly returned?  The call center has the answers, and they lie within the [...]