Avoiding Pitfalls of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Where's the fun in Customer Satisfaction Surveys? That's correct...WTF? The fun is when you know how to avoid the pitfalls that so many people fall into. If you know how to avoid them, it can be a lot of fun being able to use the information you capture to make your life better. When you [...]

Terms of Use

IMPORTANT! These terms of use govern your use of this site, which is provided by Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C. By accessing this site, you are indicating your acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms of use. these terms of use are subject to change by our us at any time in its discretion. your use of [...]

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Nine words to stop using to describe your quality assurance program

There’s nine words you want to stop using or living now if you want your quality assurance program to be perceived as a having value. And there's nine words that you want to start using and live more often. We all know that words can have a huge impact on how we both perceive ourselves and [...]

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What to aim for with your Contact Center Budget

It is most certainly true! Managing in a contact center can be very (very) stressful. But much of the stress I witness and get asked about doesn't have to be as stressful as it's made out to be. One of the biggest stress creators that seems to be most prevalent across a wide range of contact centers [...]

Let Customers Quality Monitor Calls

Let Customers Quality Monitor Calls...they do it already. When customers hear, "This call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes." You know what they say...Me too! Getting customers involved with your quality assurance process in contact centers is easier when you make it simple. No customer wants a complex survey solution and neither do you. [...]

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