Contact Center Resources for Marketing Professionals

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Contact Center Resources for Marketing Professionals

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contact-center-resources-marketers-buttonAll of the brand promises developed by marketing professionals can be fulfilled, broken, or discovered in the contact center. More and more marketing professionals are taking keen interest in the operation and insights that can be captured in contact centers. Moments of truth, magic moments, defining moments, tipping points, perceptions, expectations, and recovery can all impact an organization’s brand and most often experienced and sensationalized and culminate in the contact center. These contact center resources for marketing professionals are focused on helping to better leverage the contact center for maximum brand impact.

Marketing departments have a massive risk and potential opportunity present in the contact center customer experience. Ad awareness, competitive analysis, willingness to recommend, reasons for buying, reasons for not buying, brand sentiment, optimal price, penetration, goodwill, and various other intelligence on marketing metrics can be found in the contact center. We feel marketing has a an untapped resource in the contact center. While the value generated by marketing is often perceived as soft and hard to measure we think differently. Here are a few resources to give you the opportunity to create unconventional approaches to marketing impact. We feel and think unconventional is the secret sauce of the extraordinary. 

Where Marketing has an opportunity:

Tools and insights for Marketing:

Customer Experience Big Data Dysfunction Self-assessment and ebook:

25 causes of customer experience big data dysfunction self-assessment cover pageDownload your free Customer Experience Big Data Dysfunction Self-assessment and ebook. It’s a easy to use tool to identify the strength of your big data strategy and practices with customer experience data across you entire organization. With this tool you will be benchmarking against leading organizations that are converting customer insights to action consistently for the benefit of internal and external stakeholders. You will learn about data conversion disorder and why it is so important to your present and future. this tool contains a 25 question self-assessment to help you rid yourself of this dreaded data disease.

Videos resources: Much more on YouTube 

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